Kenny Omega Says There Was Never A Plan For Him To Face Josh Alexander In TNA

(Photo Credit: Impact)

AEW star Kenny Omega recently took to his stream on Twitch to talk about a number of topics including how there was never a plan for him to face TNA star Josh Alexander when he was IMPACT World Champion.

Omega said, “I’ll be transparent, I’ll be honest.” “I don’t know if you guys remember, but while I was doing the belt collect thing, I was doing pre-tapes all the time. I was doing eight weeks of TV in a day. One of the pre-tapes they said, ‘You’re going to walk through to where the ring is, but you’re going to bump into Josh Alexander and there is going to be a bit of a confrontation.’ I said, ‘Where are we going with this? Is there physicality? I didn’t know I was going a thing with Josh. That’s great. I love Josh. I think he’s fantastic.’ He goes, ‘No, we’re not.’ I said, ‘We’re not? Then why are we doing it? Don’t you think people want to see it?’ ‘Yeah, that’s the point. ‘Yeah, but if they want to see it and we don’t give it to them…’ ‘We’ll worry about that later.’ ‘Ohhhh, man. Can we maybe do it at some point?’ ‘Yeah, yeah, maybe we can get around to it.’”

“I’m telling you, there was no actual plan plan. My apologies for that. Right off the bat, I thought that was odd. I’m all about throwing in a red herring, but I was only there for a certain amount of time. Eventually, I was going to be losing that belt. I was more than willing to work with anyone. They have such good guys.”

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)