Kevin Nash: “The Stars Aligned For Kenny Omega Because He Didn’t Get Paralyzed”

Oh that Tiger Driver ’91 spot at The Forbidden Door 2.

We all saw it.

We all were amazed.

Few should be more amazed than Kenny Omega himself, if you ask Kevin Nash.

The two-time WWE Hall of Fame legend spoke about how “The Cleaner” was lucky he didn’t get paralyzed taking the Tiger Driver ’91 spot from Will Ospreay at AEW & NJPW: The Forbidden Door 2 that went viral.

“The stars aligned right for Kenny because he didn’t get paralyzed,” Nash said. “There’s a lot of luck in what we do. I’m just not going to take all the assets that I’ve gathered in the last 30 years and go to the roulette wheel and put it on double green zero, and give it a spin.”

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