Konnan Says He Will Not Bring Tessa Blanchard Back To AAA, Talks Issues With Pills

Konnan recently took to an episode of his “Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan” podcast to talk about a number of topics including why he will not bring Tessa Blanchard back to AAA.

“No. Why would I bring her in bro? She was very disrespectful. She was like, ‘Oh, the only reason I’m in fu**ing Mexico is because of Daga.’ Really, okay, and (she said) ‘Why do you guys do this? Why do you guys do that?’ I go, ‘Because, newsflash, this is Lucha Libre, not U.S. wrestling’, and bro, it would be very uncomfortable after the way they (Blanchard & Daga) got separated that she’d be in the same dressing room with him and then I don’t want to put him in that position. They were married. She hooked up with some other guy and he found out, like, one of the boys.”

His past issues with pills:

“It was weird because back when I was young, I sold shit. I never used it. I was in the military where a lot of people f***ed up. I didn’t use it. I didn’t use it in Mexico. But what had happened was my son had passed away and that was very traumatic for me, and there’s nothing worse than seeing the mother crying, you know, next to a little coffin. It shook me. I didn’t go to work and Scott Hall had told, you know, what’s this guys’ name, Eric Bischoff was like, ‘Where’s Konnan’, and he goes, ‘Yeah, he had a baby and it passed away’, and his remark was, ‘Well, he’s not married.’ You know, not ‘I’m sorry. Take his time’, you know, words of solace. So I was going through a really bad funk. I remember I was in Toronto and I just went nuts and started to take a whole bunch of s**t. They had to actually carry me out of the club.”

“I was lucky because my dad, who was Puerto Rican, was a heavy drinker like most men of that era, especially Latinos, and I just thought, no way I’m ever going to be like him, so I’ve never had an alcohol problem, just pills. But you know, what I have learned without getting too into it is bro, whatever you give control to you has control over you and I succumb to drugs. The day that I said, ‘No more’, that was it because I wasn’t at my best. Yeah, I’m high and I’m floating, but it cost me money. I wasn’t productive and money is essential to my life and I didn’t want to f**k with that. So you gotta be strong minded and sometimes when you’re weak minded, you know, you get addicted. I was in a super dark space, so dark that I didn’t talk to Rey Mysterio, who’s like my blood, for three years, but he understood me and he gave me my space. I just think you just have to be productive and say, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m not going to let it affect my life. I’m not going to lose money over it and I’m not going to lose friends over it’, and then you’ve got to be strong minded and make that decision. I never went to rehab. I didn’t see a psychiatrist. I just quit.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.