LA Knight Was On A Cut List “Several Times” While At The WWE Performance Center

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels spoke with about LA Knight joining the company even though he was 38 years old when he signed.

“I would tell them all the time that there is this guy. When people say a WWE guy or a Vince [McMahon] guy, he was f—ing it. I was trying to tell [them], lose the three-eight. He never looked to me like he had any mileage on him. To me he was still brand frickin’ new.”

Michaels claims Knight was on a cut list “several times” while at the Performance Center. Michaels helped Knight keep his job by informing WWE officials that he could not be released due to a storyline.

“I never lied, I did always have him in stuff. But there were a couple of people that I knew from this mythical age thing, wasn’t fitting their qualifications, but I always kept them in storylines. And so my excuse was, we can’t get rid of him now.”