Matt Hardy Thanks AEW Fans Following Report About His Contract Expiring

As previously reported, Matt Hardy’s AEW contract is set to expire this month, according to a report published by earlier this week. On his podcast, Matt addressed the report.

“As far as that goes with my contact, people had asked about my contract coming up. After that news broke earlier today, and it didn’t come from me because no one had known anything about it, yes, it is coming up in March, and we’ve spoke about it, and we’ve talked it, and I guess we’ll see what happens. We’ll see.”

“Ever since I came to AEW, I spoke with the Bucks first, I’ve been close with the Bucks. We’ve been great friends for a long time, and I’ve really enjoyed working with Tony Khan. Tony Khan is legitimately a very, very good human being, I think. So we’ll see. A business is a business. Sometimes things change. You never know. I love AEW, I’m cool with staying with AEW. I really enjoy the locker room there, I enjoy the vibe there. But if that’s not what happens, then that’s not what happens, and life goes on. It’s all good.”

Matt later wrote the following via Twitter/X:

“I want to say thank you to the AEW fans. I appreciate you, especially the dieHARDY fans of Jeff & I that followed us to AEW. I’ll never forget how much love you showed me after I was injured at All Out 2020 on the next week’s AEW Dynamite.”