Mick Foley Compares Vince McMahon Accusations To Chris Benoit Murders

Mick Foley had some great iconic moments as a character with Mr. McMahon during his legendary run in WWE.

The WWE Hall of Fame legend reflected on these moments while also addressing the heinous allegations made against Vince McMahon during a recent installment of his “Foley Is Pod” program.

“He sure was [a part of my favorite WrestleMania moments],” he said of McMahon. “Man, he was a huge part of it. His belief in me made all the difference in the world, from just being another guy to being one of his main guys during that Attitude Era, and anyone who’s listened to a single episode knows the fondness I have for Mr. McMahon, but…I don’t know all the facts. But man, it’s really ugly. I feel some very similar, just like that dead inside feeling, the way I had in 2007, after the Benoit murders.”

He continued, “Man, I hope it doesn’t take away from people’s amazing memories of all the things that Mr. McMahon created or helped create, including my character and the programs that I was in. He was such a big part of it. I wish he’d really just stepped aside the first time we heard a little hint of these allegations. I believe you brought up the RAINN hotline [on other podcasts]. I was a volunteer on the hotline for two years, so I know the great work they do, and if somebody has a workplace difficulty or has a difficulty in their personal life, or have been the survivor of an assault, then RAINN.org is a great place to go to look for help.”

Check out the complete episode of the show at Spotify.com. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.