Mickie James Talks About How Sustainable IMPACT’s Knockouts Division Has Been

Mickie James continues to make the media rounds to promote tonight’s IMPACT Bound For Glory 2023 premium live event from Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Illinois.

During a recent interview with Good Karma Wrestling, the “Hardcore Country” singer explained why she feels the Knockouts division in IMPACT Wrestling has been so sustainable.

“I think because women strive to come to Impact Wrestling,” she said. “I think that if they know that if they’re, you know, if they have their sights set on even if they have their sights set on end goal WWE that they know that the place to really hone in on your talent and to be challenged the most and to get the most opportunities as a Knockout is Impact Wrestling. And I think that’s because of the precedent that was set when the knockouts division was created when it was truly formed that the women were equal and we were the same and we would get equal time and equal opportunities and, you know, not just like opportunities of Oh, the style matches, but time on television of like creating your character and telling those in depth stories of why you’re having a match in the first place, you know, to get to that moment.”

James continued, “So, all of that. And I think it was something special and unique because if you remember when the knockouts division was being created, women were not, you know, getting time like that. We’re not getting types of matches like that on television. And they were being portrayed in a very different light and nothing. I mean, I was a wrestling fan and that I fell in love with wrestling and got into wrestling as women were doing all kinds of crazy things from, you know, we say that, but you know, Trish and Lita, main eventing and, you know, Victoria and Trish having a hardcore match. I mean, those were groundbreaking for the time, especially, you know, for that company. It was huge. It was huge massive steps, but Impact was always, you know, I feel like highlighting their women in a whole different way, in a whole different way.”

Check out the complete interview via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to ProWrestling.net for transcribing the above quotes.