Mike Chioda Reveals Aubrey Edwards’ Chances Of Joining WWE Was Shut Down By Another Referee

Former WWE referee Mike Chioda recently spoke on his podcast, “Monday Mailbag,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including Aubrey Edwards trying out as a referee for WWE before going to AEW:

“Let’s talk about Aubrey. She tried out for us. We were looking for a woman referee. I said, ‘She’s very thin. Good looking girl’, and I’m thinking she can be worked with. I would be able to work with her if we were looking for a woman in business, so obviously another referee put the kaboots to it. Shut it down. I was like, f**k. I was like, ‘What happened?’ ‘I don’t know. She didn’t work out.’ ‘She didn’t work out, why?’ Next thing you know, months later or a year later, she’s on AEW.”

“When I was down in AEW, I can’t even remember if she asked me any questions or anything about anything. She was very nice. She was a sweetheart. She took care of us, you know, took care of me and anything, always was very nice in what I needed or if I needed this or anything else, total respect for her, but I don’t know if she picked my brain. I can’t remember.”

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