MLW Fury Road Results – September 3, 2023

MLW Fury Road Results – September 3, 2023

National Openweight Title Weapons Of Mass Destruction Match
Jacob Fatu (c) vs. World Tag Team Champion Ricky Shane Page

Jacob Fatu & Ricky Shane Page start brawling and take it to the outside right away where Fatu dives onto RSP. Fatu tosses RSP into the ring and hits a senton for two. Fatu goes and grabs a couple of chairs and starts tossing them to RSP’s face.

Fatu tries to suplex RSP onto the chairs set up but RSP whips Fatu into another chair that was wedged in a corner and then proceeds to suplex Fatu onto the chairs. RSP starts using the end of the chair to dig it into the shoeless foot of Fatu before using a wrench onto also.

RSP takes that same wrench to take off a turnbuckle and tosses a chair onto Fatu’s face. RSP continues to take off turnbuckles before body slamming Fatu onto a chair. RSP eventually takes off a turnbuckle and uses the metal end to dig into the foot of Fatu.

The entire top rope is now removed as they take it back to the outside. RSP puts on a military helmet before trying to put Fatu’s face into the toxic waste but he avoids it as they head back inside where Fatu dives right onto RSP.

Back inside the ring Fatu hits a superkick and hits a standing moonsault and a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Fatu brings a gas can into the ring and knocks RSP with it after RSP spits at him Fatu hits a senton from the top rope to the outside onto RSP.

Fatu sets a wooden board onto 2 steel chairs and puts RSP onto it with a Samoan Drop. They start trading blows when back in the ring until RSP tosses Fatu to the outside where he sets Fatu onto a ladder that’s against a barricade, but when RSP dives onto it Fatu gets out of the way.

Fatu starts putting RSP’s face onto the toxic waste, as sparks and smoke fly out of it then Akira comes out and starts attacking Fatu as RSP’s face is being bandaged up. They try to double team Fatu but Akira superkicks RSP by accident & as Fatu is taking out Akira, RSP follows with the Raven Effect to Fatu on top of the edge of a seated chair to get the win.

Winner & New National Openweight Champion: Ricky Shane Page (15:21) (NEW CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6

Backstage Sam Leterna is with 2nd Gear Crew as 1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice are disgusted by the way Mance Warner’s feet smell. Warner tells the camera to zoom in on his feet and says Matt Cardona will have to kiss his feet tonight. Warner reveals that he’s been walking barefoot in cow shit, pig shit and maybe some human feces as the streets of Philly are filled with all types of dirty things. Warner says Cardona is trying to cut the line in a place that Warner helped build. Warner will wear his boots tonight just for the fight but when he removes them Cardona can smell, kiss and taste the blood on his toes.

Mister Saint Laurent is on the stage for the debut of his new talk show Sessions by Saint Laurent. MSL explains it just like the World Titan Federation this show will be what the world is watching with A list guests, interviews, huge scoops, and the hottest takes in wrestling. MSL plugs the Kiss My Foot match for later on and says that Warner will kiss his foot as well. MSL brings out the first guest of his show the returning Salina De La Renta. MSL asks where La Renta has been as she says MLW has not been the same without her and asks where the Lucha is and says the best they have is a baby Yoda thing. MLW says the Micro joke is long gone and asks Salina if she has anything to do with the disappearance of Cesar Duran. La Renta says What do you think and with MLW’s new pipeline to Mexico, she will bring the best Luchadoras that MLW has ever seen and she will be debuting the 1st one next month at Slaughterhouse.

Featherweight Title #1 Contenders Match
Maki Itoh vs. Becca

Maki Itoh starts singing but Becca takes her out from behind as the bell rings. Itoh dodges a Singapore cane from Becca and then begins to attack Becca with it. Back inside Itoh hits the Flying Bighead but Becca comes right back with a side slam for a two count.

Becca gets on the mic again and starts singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Itoh while attacking Itoh but she comes right back with punches until Becca uses the mic as a weapon while continuing to sing. They start trading forearms before falling to the mat where they fight over the mic both saying My mic.

Itoh says Kiss my ass, bitch then starts using the mic to hit 10 punches to Becca in the corner, a running boot a tornado DDT for a two count. Becca comes right back with a TKO for a two count but Itoh trips Becca up before putting on a Boston Crab.

Becca grabs the bottom rope but Itoh comes back with a draping DDT on the apron for a two count. Itoh misses a flying headbutt as Becca follows with a running Death Valley Driver followed by a 450 splash for the pin

Winner & #1 Contender To The Featherweight Title: Becca (7:45)
Rate: 5

After the match Love Doug comes out after to try and give Becca some chocolate but she brushes him off and leaves.

Kiss My Foot Match
Matt Cardona vs. Mance Warner

Matt Cardona pushes Mance Warner off and goes outside to regroup with MSL before they lock up, before Warner goes wild on Cardona with punches and kicks Cardona right back to the outside. Cardona starts to leave but Warner brings him back but not before hitting him with a back body drop on the ramp. MSL gets involved but this distraction causes Cardona to take out Warner and hit a DDT on the floor.

Warner is busted open now as Cardona jumps on it with punches to the forehead before taking a chair from MSL that he uses to smack and choke Warner with including hitting the Reboot for a two count. MSL hands a wooden board to Cardona & he puts it against the corner.

They tussle until Warner spears Cardona through the board for a two count. Warner sets up 4 chairs in the middle of the ring and tries to hit a piledriver but Cardona fights it off and puts Warner through them with a Death Valley Driver.

Cardona misses a chair shot as the chair bounces off the ropes and hits him then Warner follows with a running knee but MSL puts Cardona’s foot on the ropes. The referee ejects MSL as Cardona hits a low blow followed by Radio Silence to get the win.

Winner: Matt Cardona (8:56)
Rate: 4

After the match MSL joins Cardona in the ring and tells the timekeeper to join them in the ring and bring chairs with her. MSL tells her to untie MSL’s shoe as Cardona takes off his boot as well. They tell Warner to kiss MSL’s foot first as Warner says he’s a man of his word. Instead Warner bites MSL’s foot and takes out Cardona with a chair shot to the head before going back to biting MSL’s foot.

Ichiban vs. Tracy Williams

Ichiban & Tracy Williams starts the match by working on each other’s arms before Williams rolls up Ichiban for a two count then Ichiban goes after Williams but he’s able to tie Ichiban down and twist his ankle. Ichiban keeps escaping out and hits a dropkick by sending Williams into the corner.

Ichiban hits 10 punches in the corner and knocks Williams to the outside then they fight on the apron until Williams catches Ichiban into a brainbuster for a two count. Williams holds Ichiban down with a headlock before working on Ichiban’s left shoulder and hits a cradle suplex for a two count.

They fight on the top rope and Williams catches Ichiban with a DD but Ichiban falls to the outside as the referee checks on him. Williams pushes the referee and keeps working on Ichiban by sending him into the barricade.

Williams chops away at Ichiban in the ring but he comes back with a back body drop and a stunner. Ichiban hits a missile dropkick sends Williams to the outside and hits a tope con giro.

Ichiban follows with a top rope crossbody for a two count but Williams catches Williams into a crossface followed by a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Ichiban escapes and follows with a jumping flatliner to put Williams away.

Winner: Ichiban (9:48)
Rate: 6

Kushida vs. Tony Deppen

Kushida sends Tony Deppen to the outside with a dropkick on the apron. Deppen takes his time getting back into the ring as when he does they both work to take each other down on the mat. Deppen starts dancing on top of Kushida but he comes right back to take down Deppen on the mat and tries to put on Hoverboard Lock but Deppen fights his way out.

Deppen gets frustrated and goes outside and starts messing with the fans by knocking a hat off of one. Back inside they continue to work on taking the other down on the mat before Deppen hits a poke in the eye followed by kicks to Kushida in the corner.

Deppen goes after Kushida’s back and kicks him to keep him down followed by a suplex for a two count then they go back & forth with a suplex attempt but Kushida puts Deppen on the top rope. Deppen kicks his way off and hits a double stomp off the top rope for a two count.

More fighting off the ropes and pin attempts before Kushida hits a wheelbarrow kick sending Deppen to the outside. Deppen fights off Kushida’s Hoverboard Lock attempt on the outside by driving him onto the apron.

Deppen puts Kushida on a chair but Kushida stops Deppen and knocks him onto the chair, seats him before somersaulting over another chair hitting a senton to the seated Deppen. Kushida hits a palm strike to Deppen in the corner and puts Deppen on the top rope but he’s able to reverse out.

They go back & forth a bit until Kushida hits a dropkick and tries to puts Hoverboard Lock on. Deppen escapes out as they knock each other down and out. Kushida follows this with Back To The Future for the win.

Winner: Kushida (12:16)
Rate: 7

After the match Deppen goes to shake Kushida’s hand but quickly turns it into a middle finger.

We saw a video for Minoru Suzuki showing he is the next representative from NJPW coming to MLW and he will debut at Slaughterhouse on October 14th.

MLW World Title Match
Alex Kane (c) vs. Willie Mack

Alex Kane starts the match by pie facing Willie Mack but he comes right back with a right hook by knocking down Kane. Mack goes for multiple pin attempts but Kane keeps kicking out at two. Mack continues to work on Kane in the corner with punches and stomps before hitting a cannonball in the corner.

Kane starts to fight back but Mack comes back with a headlock takeover and a jumping Enziguri knocking Kane to the outside. Kane tries to regroup but Mack dives onto him then they start taking turns tossing each other into the barricades until Mack puts Kane on a chair and hits him with a jumping kick.

They continue going around the ring tossing each other into the corner before Kane hits a German suplex to Mack on the outside and tosses him back inside where Kane hits a splash on the apron to Mack. Kane hits one more splash on the other side of the apron and gets a two count.

They dodge each other in the corner with splash attempts before Kane hooks on for an exploder suplex for another two count. Kane starts wearing Mack down with a headlock but Mack comes back with a couple of suplexes of his own.

Kane comes back with a Saito Suplex for a two count and whips Mack into the corner but he bounces back with a clothesline then he slams Kane down and hits a jumping knee and a standing moonsault for a two count.

Mack hits a stunner but Kane topples to the outside where Mack dives onto him with a pescado. On the way back inside Kane kicks the rope up under Mack and follows with a gutwrench side suplex and a spear for a two count.

Mack catches Kane off the ropes with a sit out powerbomb for a two count then they go back & forth until Kane hits a pair of suplexes for a two count. They tussle back & forth until Kane puts on a flatliner right into a rear naked choke hold. Mack tries to fight it off until the referee raises and drops Mack’s arm 3 times then calls for the bell

Winner & Still MLW World Champion: Alex Kane (18:02) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 7

After the match Kane gets on the mic after and says this entire time he said Mack didn’t deserve it but tonight Mack showed him that he had that Bomaye drive. Kane says Mack earned his respect as he offers a hand that Mack shakes back. Kane says before Mack goes, he needs a Bomaye from him. Mack says he will do it but for one time only before screaming Bomaye into the mic as Kane celebrates on the way out with the rest of the Bomaye Fight Club.