MLW Fusion Review – August 17, 2023

MLW Fusion Review – August 17, 2023

National Openweight Title Match
Jacob Fatu (c) vs. World Tag Team Champion Ricky Shane Page

Ricky Shane Page grabs a spike from the weapons table but Jacob Fatu hits a suicide dive onto him then we get some ringside brawling as Fatu tosses RSP around then some headbutts and he tosses RSP into the barricade again. Fatu gets a chair and throws it into RSP’s face.

Back in the ring Fatu hits a Swanton Bomb for a 2 count before RSP lands a boot then an enziguri but he runs into a headbutt from Fatu. Double jump into an Arabian moonsault from Fatu but that’s only a 2 count.

He comes up favoring the knee then more strikes from Fatu in the corner but RSP tosses him down then hits a running crossbody and we go to a break.

After the break RSP comes back in with a chair and whacks Fatu with it then a chair assisted scoop slam from RSP then he gets the spike again. RSP goes to spike the foot of Fatu and mostly succeeds then partially fish hooks Fatu with it.

RSP bites the foot of Fatu then more strikes from RSP then he sets up the chair in the ring and hits the Raven drop toe hold into it but Fatu fires up and headbutts the chair and comes up throwing hands.

Superkick from Fatu floors RSP & RSP rolls out of the ring so Fatu dives onto him with another suicide dive. Fatu posts RSP then tosses him back in the ring Fatu then climbs the ropes for a crossbody that gets a 2 count.

Another superkick from Fatu then a handspring moonsault for another 2 count. RSP is bleeding as Fatu heads out of the ring to get a bunch of chairs. The Calling menace Fatu Raven is flanked by a couple of gas mask goons but they don’t do anything.

Back in the ring that delay allowed RSP to recover and he throws a chair at Fatu then RSP puts two set up chairs together then sets them on their side, Fatu hits a couple of strikes then crushes RSP with a Samoan Drop onto that chair contraption which gets a near fall.

Fatu heads out of the ring again and looks for more plunder, he gets a table and slides it into the ring then back in the ring RSP lands a couple of kicks to send Fatu out of the ring. RSP then sets up the table in the ring then they head out of the ring and fight over a chair ultimately RSP tosses it at Fatu.

Back in the ring now RSP sets Fatu on the table after cracking him in the head with a chair shot. RSP goes up top & hits a senton through the table but only a near fall.

They head out of the ring again and RSP with more chair shots but Fatu gets one of his own and cracks RSP with it.

Fatu with strikes now as they both shove the ref away and keep brawling this all leads to the ref waving this off.

Winner: No One (Double DQ) (Jacob Fatu retains)

After the match Fatu & RSP brawl up the entrance ramp as officials come out to separate them.

In the back Tracy Williams gets an interview & he’s focused on what got him to this point and that’s being the best professional wrestler. There are very few people who actually understand what professional wrestling is most prefer pageantry and spectacle but Davey Boy Smith Jr is one of the few who know professional wrestling, the onus is on Williams to prove that he is professional wrestling and that’s what he’s going to do by winning the Opera Cup.

We get a Matt Cardona video & he mentions wrestling Mance Warner at Fury Road and says there’s no heat between them this is just business. He’s going to walk out of Fury Road the winner. This isn’t about stealing anyone’s spot, he’s got his own right at the top. Everyone’s welcome to jump on his back and he’ll carry everyone to the promised land.

We get a backstage interview with Featherweight Champion Delmi Exo & she says the god queen is ready for another defense. Becca interrupts this whining about not getting a Featherweight Title shot and Exo talks to her warning her that she sets the terms and if Becca wants to have matches instead of deluding herself about music then they can talk.

Featherweight Title Match
Delmi Exo (c) vs. Paris Van Dale

Exo with a quick arm wringer then Paris Van Dale pulls the hair to get free then lands a chop & Exo lands chops of her own in the corner then hits the ropes and lands an elbow before a fisherman’s suplex from Exo gets a for a 2 count.

Van Dale counters an Irish whip with a Regal Cutter and then gets on top landing some strikes on the mat. Exo with some strikes then a Samoan Drop for a 2 count then some corner offense from Exo then a kick follow by Delmi Driver to get the win.

Winner & Still Featherweight Champion: Delmi Exo (STILL CHAMPION!!!!!)

After the match Becca hits Exo with the guitar on the entrance ramp then poses holding the Featherweight Title before dropping it on Exo and walking off.

Finals Of The 2023 Opera Cup
Davey Boy Smith Jr vs. Tracy Williams

A little stalling from Davey Boy Smith Jr early before they lock up and Smith tosses Tracy Williams away. Williams with a duck under but Smith grabs an arm wringer. Williams counters into a crucifix for 2 and they wind up in a stare off.

Leg scissors takedown from Williams and he goes for a kneebar on the slightly taped up left leg of Smith but Smith rolls out of the ring. Williams dives onto Smith then tries a suplex but Smith counters into one of his own on the floor as we go to a break.

After the break Smith working the back of Williams then back in the ring Williams hits a chop block to the knee and starts working the leg of Smith. Smith tries to roll through and we wind up in a 50/50 position with both men attacking straight ankle locks.

Smith stands and looks to step through into a Sharpshooter but Williams blocks it and attacks the knee again. Williams with some strikes then a dragon screw leg whip. More leg work from Williams but Smith lands an enziguri to counter another dragon screw attempt.

They start trading strikes and Smith gets the better of up but Williams counters an uppercut into a backslide for 2. Smith blocks a back suplex but Williams persists and hits it then Williams with some corner strikes then a Russian leg sweep into a slightly modified Octopus Hold on the mat.

Smith fights free but Williams grabs another crucifix for 2 before a suplex from Smith stifles the momentum of Williams and lands a leg drop. Smith goes up top & guillotine leg drop connects but only a near fall. Williams blocks a piledriver and lands a back elbow then heads up top but Smith meets him.

Smith with a running powerslam but Smith is selling the knee to delay the pin and Williams gets a foot on the rope to break the pin. Williams avoids another powerslam and hits La Mistica but transitions to an Ankle Lock.

Smith thinks about tapping, but kicks Williams off then catches him with a snap powerslam for 2. Smith hits a Liger Bomb for a 2 count then Smith transitions into a Crippler Crossface and gets the submission win.

Winner Of The 2023 Opera Cup By Submission: Davey Boy Smith Jr

Smith gets interviewed on the entrance stage. MSL puts over Smith and says the only thing that might have made this better was winning it in London or Calgary rather than a 3rd world place like Philadelphia. He runs down Philly women as well then demands respect for Smith and how he represents the greatest fighting family in Canadian history. Smith asks for the courtesy of no interruptions then insults the fans again & he reminds everyone they’re looking at wrestling royalty while he’s looking at inbred royalty and promises that next he’s coming for the MLW World Title.