Montez Ford Says The Rock Should Be Called The Damn Boulder

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE stars Montez Ford and Bianca Belair recently appeared as a guest on HOT 97 for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, Ford commented on The Rock being an inspiration to him:

“Rock has always been my inspiration since I was a tadpole, like, as long as I can remember. Just to see someone I watched and idolized growing up and then now, like you said, shift out into these other avenues and now take ownership of his name, being part of the board of directors, and expanding himself outside of the ring is motivating and inspiring. It’s a trajectory of where we can go with ourselves. He’s always continuing to raise the bar and at this point, he shouldn’t be called The Rock no more. He should be called the damn Boulder.”

Bianca Belair commented on sharing the cover of WWE 2K24 with Rhea Ripley:

“Yeah, so we’re sharing the cover of 2K, the video game. I think it’s so amazing that I get to share the cover with Rhea. Me and Rhea actually came into WWE around the same time in the developmental program, so we kind of came up in this game together. So it’s cool, like we started in NXT together and we’re both on opposite sides of the mountaintop climbing together and meeting together. So I think it’s cool that it’s her and I that are able to share this cover and we’re making history too. It’s the first time that two females have been on the cover of a video game, and then I’m the first woman of color that’s ever been on the cover of a video game. So I think it’s really cool that it’s Rhea Ripley and I. I always say I feel like we’re at the forefront of a new generation of women’s wrestling that’s coming through. There’s a lot of changes being made. Everything’s evolving. Our roster is so stacked right now and the girls that are coming in are going to make some noise. The girls that have been there like Becky and Charlotte and Natty and Bayley are still making noise. So I just think it’s cool because I think that we’re a representation of women of what our division is all about. I mean, Rhea is doing her thing this year so I’m happy about it.”

You can check out the complete interview below:

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