New CyberFight President Seeks To Strengthen Relationship With WWE

Now that Triple H is in charge, WWE appears to be willing to collaborate with other promotions.

Under Vince McMahon’s leadership, the company has previously utilized other promotions when they were most appropriate. With Triple H in charge, the company invited Shinsuke Nakamura to Pro Wrestling Noah to work a match against The Great Muta as part of his retirement tour. Also, WWE sent Charlie Dempsey, William Regal’s son, to challenge for the Triple Crown title at the New Year Giant Series 2024.

According to reports, WWE is also interested in working with STARDOM. CyberFight, the parent company of Pro Wrestling NOAH, is seeking to strengthen its relationship with WWE.

At a recent press conference, Yasuaki Okamoto, the newly appointed President of CyberFight Inc., stated that one of his goals was to “strengthen relationship with WWE.”

It was also reported that Keiji Muto had been appointed NOAH scouting advisor.