NJPW Announces Dates Of Upcoming PPVs Including Wrestle Kingdom 19

(Image Credit: NJPW)

NJPW recently announced the dates of their upcoming PPV events throughout the rest this year as well as early next year, including Wrestle Kingdom 19.

According to the announcement, the Historic X-Over II event will be held at the EDION Arena Osaka on Sunday, November 17, while Wrestle Kingdom 19 will be returning to a one-day format for next year’s show and will be held on Saturday, January 4, 2025 at the Tokyo Dome.

You can check out the schedule below, along with the post.

* August 31 – CAPITAL COLLISION, Entertainment & Sports Arena Washington DC
* September 29 – Kobe World Hall
* Monday October 14 – Ryogoku Sumo Hall
* November 4 – EDION Arena Osaka
* November 17 – HISTORIC X-OVER II, EDION Arena Osaka
* December 8 – Gran Messe Kumamoto
* January 4 2025 – NJPW WRESTLE KINGDOM 19, Tokyo Dome