NXT Level Up Results – July 14, 2023

(Image Credit: WWE)

NXT Level Up Results – July 14, 2023

Tag Team Match
Josh Briggs & Brooks Jansen vs. Kale Dixon & Luca Crusifino 

Brooks Jensen & Kale Dixon start off with a lock up and they jockey for position with nobody gaining the advantage so we get a clean break. We start again and Dixon decides to sidestep and makes a tag to Luca Crusifino. Jensen brings him in over the top rope and Luca tries to beg off but gets caught and pulled into a side headlock then a bling tag by Josh Briggs and he gets a double leg that lets Jensen hit an elbow drop.

Briggs hooks an arm and takes Crusifino to the mat where he stomps the arm. Jensen gets the tag and they take turns dropping elbows and that gets a two count. Crusifino avoids a slam and the tag is made by Dixon & he lands a kick to the back. Dixon lays the boots to the back and throws Jensen into the corner then Dixon starts grinding.

Crusifino is back in and he gets a two count. He hooks a bearhug before Dixon back in and Jensen lands on his feet off a double backdrop and makes the hot tag to Briggs & he runs wild and hits a running clothesline on Dixon then Crusifino gets knock to the floor and Dixon gets hit with Hart Attack for the win.

Winners: Josh Briggs & Brooks Jansen

Valentina Feroz vs. Lola Vice

Match starts off with some mat sequence before Valentina Feroz controls with a side headlock before Lola Vice gets a slam and lands a stomp to the back for a two count then some European uppercuts from Vice before she sends Feroz into the corner and gets a spin kick to the gut and then a butt splash to the face in the corner.

She chokes on the ropes but Feroz escapes and gets a roll up for a two count. Vice turns that into a rear naked choke but Feroz escapes. Meteora from Feroz and she follows with a head kick. Another Meteora in the corner and then a headscissors take down.

Another Meteora gets a two count and the kick out sends Feroz to the floor. Lopez tries to get involved but Leon makes the save then Vice misses a pump kick and that lets Feroz get a sunset flip for the win.

Winner: Valentina Feroz

Axiom vs. Tavion Heights

Tavion Heights quickly takes it to the mat and gets a waist lock before Axiom counters into a headscissors which is escaped by Heights with a kip up. Heights goes to the arm and gets things back to the match as he controls. Axiom is able to flip his way out and gets another headscissors. Heights shoots in but gets counter with a sunset flip for a two count.

They exchange pin attempts and Axiom gets a back slide for a two count then a head kick from Axiom gets a one count. Axiom fires off some chops but gets his head rip off with a clothesline before we get some forearms in the corner from Heights and then he throws some chops as the crowd wants another so Heights throws another chop.

Knee to the gut followed by a gutwrench suplex for a two count then Heights rolls into a fireman’s carry, but Axiom slides off and gets an enziguiri before they trade blows and that doesn’t go well for Axiom. He does avoid a suplex and catches Heights with a dropkick that sends him to the floor. Axiom with a suicide dive.

Axiom up top and he comes off with a crossbody before a crucifix gets a two count but Heights rolls over and has Axiom on his shoulders and just tosses him in the air then a Doctor Bomb gets a two count.

Doctor Bomb countered into a headscissors take over for two. Heights gets caught with a knee and Golden Ratio gets the win.

Winner: Axiom