Penelope Pink Shares Her Goal As The WOW World Champion

WOW World Champion Penelope Pink recently spoke with Women’s Wrestling Talk on a number of topics including her goal as the reigning World Champion.

Pink said, “My goal as a champion of WOW is to grow this all-women’s company to heights it’s never seen before. I am not afraid to be a woman to represent a company and say, ‘Hey, everybody, get on this great, amazing, strong back and I’m going to take us to the moon’ whether they appreciate it or not…you know, they might not appreciate me in the back. I mean, people are jealous. So, I’m going to do everything to the best of my ability to make sure that my company and the Lana Starr show shines as bright as humanly possible.”

Pink also spoke about how she never really wants to compete in Triple Threat Matches because it doesn’t favor the champion.

“Well, you see, triple-threat matches are no fun. And you know, honestly, I never really want to sign up for these. It’s not in the Champions’ advantage. But I don’t call myself the best damn thing that WOW’s ever seen for my health. So, I just got to play the game smart.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.