Prestige Wrestling “Alive or Just Breathing” Recap and Review (5/16/2024)

On Thursday, May 16th, Prestige Wrestling presented its next big event of the year, “Alive or Just Breathing.” The show streamed live on IWTV.

The show saw a ton of excellent moments and matches. The main event, which was supposed to see Shelton Benjamin facing off with Josh Alexander, saw Benjamin instead find himself against “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. This marked Benjamin’s first independent wrestling match in the continental United States, since his release from WWE. The night saw eight great matches and was another absolute banger of a show.

Prestige Championship match: Alan Angels (c) vs. Evil Uno

Winner: Evil Uno via DQ, however STILL Prestige Champion, Alan Angels

The show kicked off with Angels and Evil Uno already in the ring. We started things off hot tonight with the top prize in the sport on the line between two former friends. Uno and Angels started in AEW together as a part of the Dark Order. Despite Angels since moving on with his career, this bond would never be broken. The match itself was a lot of fun and a very solid opening match of the night.

Angels continues to be the most-hated wrestler in all of Prestige and it was blatantly obvious in this match. Throughout this match, you were able to feel the animosity between these two men. Ultimately, the end of the match saw Angels land a huge halo kick and two frog splashes on Uno, just for Uno to kick out at one. This causes Angels to get himself disqualified by slapping the referee.

Jordan Cruz vs. Alpha Zo

Winner: Jordan Cruz

In the second match of the night, we witnessed Jordan Cruz go one-on-one with Alpha Zo. This was Cruz’s first match since losing to Jaiden a couple of months ago at Alive II. Cruz lost to Jaiden after an absolute war of a “Last Man Standing” match. However, this match was fantastic for Cruz to get back on track. The match itself was a very fun and hard-hitting contest.

Cruz has all the makings to be a massive star in this business, and Zo is incredibly talented in his own right. This match ultimately comes to an end when Cruz hits the middle rope going low on Zo, and follows that up with a Komagoye before landing his finishing move, “No More Sorrow,” for the win. This was a great bounce-back win for Cruz, coming off his big loss to Jaiden. Keep your eyes on Jordan Cruz, this guy has IT.

Alex Shelley vs. Timothy Thatcher

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

In the next match of the night, we see Alex Shelley square off with Timothy Thatcher in a first-time-ever match. The last time we saw Shelley at a Prestige exclusive show, he lost his Prestige World Championship which he held for 743 days. Shelley beat a who’s who of independent wrestling talent throughout his time as Prestige World Champion. Tonight he finds himself with another tough task in Timothy Thatcher.

This was a mat wrestling classic that featured two of the best technicians on the independent wrestling scene today. Ultimately, the match itself ends when Thatcher forces Shelley to tap out to his Fujiwara armbar. Thatcher is a lot of fun to watch. Watching him wrestle looks like he’s going to torture his opponent. All of his matches are wars, and this was no different.

GhoulMoone (Sonico & Sandra Moone) vs. Z Sharpe (Gregory Sharpe & Zara Zakher)

Winners: Z Sharpe (Gregory Sharpe & Zara Zakher)

In the next match of the night, we see GhoulMoone, Sonico, and Sandra Moone, team up to face off with Z Sharpe, Zara Zakher, and Gregory Sharpe. This was a solid tag team match on the night, and it’s always great seeing Sonico and Sandra Moone team up. Moone is one of Prestige’s most over-stars, and it’s very easy to see why. Sonico and Moone have been on a bit of a cold streak lately, and tonight’s match was a great fresh start for them.

The match itself got off to a quick start thanks to a cheap shot from Gregory Sharpe on Moone. Z Sharpe does a good job at taking the fight to Moone and keeping her from tagging in her partner. Ultimately, the match ends when Z Sharpe lands a doomsday powerbomb on Sonico and pins him to win the match. This was a very fun one. Zara Zakher and Gregory Sharpe looked amazing in victory.

Jeff Cobb vs. Galeno Del Mal

Winner: Jeff Cobb

This was hands down one of the most anticipated matches of the night for me. Galeno Del Mal is no small man, and his counterpart in this match is just as powerful. The tone of this match was established in the early going, this match was going to be about which man can outpower their opponent. However, aside from power, both of these men possess great speed and agility, which makes it that much tougher to win.

Cobb and Del Mal faced off to start the match and we were off. Del Mal recently took Moose to the limit inside of a Prestige Wrestling ring, and tonight saw the same result. Both Del Mal and Cobb took the fight to each other like we haven’t seen in a long time. Ultimately, a “Tour of the Islands” wins the match for Cobb. Cobb won an absolute war. This was match of the night for me personally, and it wasn’t really close.

“Blackheart” Lio Rush vs. El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr.

Winner: “Blackheart” Lio Rush

Following Jeff Cobb and Galeno Del Mal was no easy task, but El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr, and Lio Rush were up for the task. This was the Prestige Wrestling debut for Wagner Jr, and it was super cool to see him in a Prestige Wrestling ring. Seeing Lio Rush’s new character change has been amazing. His new entrance, combined with this new persona has been so much fun to see.

Rush is fully embracing this new character, and it’s arguably one of my favorites in all of wrestling today. Wagner Jr takes the fight to Rush in the early going of this match, but things quickly go south for Wagner Jr. Rush lifted Wagner Jr up for a brainbuster in a great spot during this match. Ultimately, the match ends when Rush hits a Final Hour Frog Splash, for the second time in the match, and pins Wagner Jr for the three-count. I LOVE this version of Lio Rush. Amazing.

Jada Stone vs. VertVixen

Winner: VertVixen

With just two matches left on the card, it is time for Jada Stone square off with VertVixen. Both of these competitors meshed very well in this match. While VertVixen possessed the size and strength advantage, but Stone countered with her speed and agility advantage. Stone is one of the top up-and-comers on the independent wrestling scene, and her opponent, VertVixen is already one of the top stars on the independents.

The match itself was good. Both of these women are very gifted in the ring and it showed in this match. This match saw a lot of athleticism being on display in the early going by both women. Ultimately, the match ended when VertVixen landed her finishing move, “Game Over,” to win the match. This was a fun match which really picked up as it went on.

Shelton Benjamin vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

In his first match on the independent scene in the continental United States since his release from WWE, Shelton Benjamin found himself against “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. This was also Benjamin’s first indie match in seven years in the United States. Benjamin got a great pop when his music (WWE entrance song) hit. Despite his opponent being changed from Josh Alexander to Tom Lawlor, this match certainly did not disappoint.

Lawlor is certainly no push over, as he is still the longest reigning champion in Prestige history. Benjamin got the best of Lawlor on the mat more times than even I was expecting, which is a testament to how good Benjamin truly is. This match was a bit more ground based than I was expecting, which is certainly not a bad thing. Ultimately, Benjamin gets the win when he connects with the “Paydirt.”

Overall, this show ruled. Prestige Wrestling continues to put on amazing shows and simply don’t miss. Jeff Cobb and Galeno Del Mal won the night for me, but there wasn’t a bad match on the card. I love Lio Rush’s new character, and Benjamin and Lawlor crushed it in the main event. With that said, I hope we get to see Benjamin vs. Josh Alexander sooner than later. Great show.