Released AEW Star: ‘My Gimmick Was Trash, My Work Wasn’t Though’

Following the announcement on Monday night of the ten names released from AEW, one of the wrestlers has taken to social media to issue a statement.

As reported last night, Stu Grayson, ring announcer Dasha Kuret, Anthony Henry, Dalton Castle’s Boys, Slim J, Gravity, Jose The Assistant, Parker Boudreaux, and Josh Johl were all let go. With the exception of Dasha, who appeared on TV every week, the majority of the names released did not receive much attention on AEW TV.

Slim J sent out several tweets expressing gratitude for the opportunity to work for AEW. He also praised Ariya Daivari, Caprice Coleman, and Bill Behrens, admitting that his gimmick was “trash,” but his in-ring work was not.

Slim J posted the following:

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to have worked for AEW. Unfortunately yesterday was no April fools joke. I appreciate

@AriyaDaivari for always bringing my name up and believing in me. @CapriceColeman you always put me over. As did @WilliamBehrens Thank you

Thank you to the fans that supported me. My gimmick was trash. I get that. I knew that. My work wasn’t though. I worked my shoot job through both contracts with AEW. My role there was to act rich. I’ve always been far from that in real life. Promise that.

All I wanted to do once I was signed. Was to get my wife and daughter out of the shit hole we live in. They’re my everything by far.i failed. Does it mean I quit. Not at all. Mouths to feed and I’m broke asf. So I’m looking for a second, second job. Stop sleeping on me.”