Renee Paquette Talks About Being Open To Doing Reality Television

(Photo Credit: AEW)

AEW personality Renee Paquette recently spoke with Women’s Wrestling Talk on a number of topics including being open to doing everything like reality television.

Paquette said, “My experience with it, I think was like, I feel like I look back on it…so far removed from it being like, Wow, what a cool experience that I was given to do. But I think sort of in that world of being in reality television, on the road, having my boyfriend at the time, who was very resistant to doing it, trying to get him involved doing it trying to figure out like, what are my storylines on the show, I don’t really have much like drama, I’m not wrestling. I was trying to figure out who I was on the show. And that I think that was like a little bit of a hurdle for me. And listen, there’s an art to doing reality television, we see people that are great at it, and we see people that are not so great at it. And yeah, I mean, I don’t think that I was so great at it. I think in another world though and I think with the experience that I had doing that that I could be more open to it now. Given you know just yet what I know about it and who I am as a person now I think is a little bit different. Um, so yeah, I’m always open to kind of everything. So I would never say never. But yeah, it really was a cool experience.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.