Report: WWE Signs 2-Year Deal With X For 104 Episodes Of WWE Speed

Some more details have surfaced regarding the announcement of the new WWE Speed series.

As noted, WWE confirmed that the company will bring episodes of a new series dubbed WWE Speed exclusively to X starting in the Spring of 2024 during an announcement made at the WrestleMania XL Kickoff press event on Thursday in Las Vegas, NV.

In an update, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the new deal is a two-year agreement, and will see WWE producing weekly episodes of WWE Speed for X for 52 weeks per year.

Additionally, it was noted that the matches will be exclusive to X and not repurposed matches from other WWE programming, and that the show is expected to feature WWE Superstars from across all brands, including Raw, SmackDown and NXT.

The company began filming bouts for WWE Speed with a five-minute clock on the big screen at the end of 2023, with bouts involving Bronson Reed, Axiom and others being filmed at a WWE SmackDown taping on December 15.

We will keep you posted as additional details continue to surface regarding the new weekly WWE Speed on X program.