Road Dogg Offers High Praise For Roman Reigns’ Work In The Bloodline Saga

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Virtually everyone has praised Roman Reigns for his heel work as the leader of The Bloodline over the past couple of years in WWE.

Including “Road Dogg” Brian James.

On the latest episode of his “Oh … You Didn’t Know?” podcast, the WWE Hall of Fame legend explained why he doesn’t think the company waited too long to turn Roman Reigns heel.

“No, I don’t think so,” Road Dogg said. “You gotta let stuff sit, you gotta let stuff simmer. I know that’s unpopular in today’s day and age, where I can get whatever I want, and I can get it right now. Sometimes you gotta sit on this, and see which way the wind blows. Boy, it blew in the right direction, because look [at] where we stand now, and where he stands now — as an individual and superstar.”

He added, “People hated him, they hated him. They hate him now, and yet everybody in the sold out arena, of which there are a lot of them now, acknowledges him on the weekly. They listen to his every word, they are hanging on his every word, and every facial [expression] in these in-ring promos.”

Regarding his work in The Bloodline saga, Road Dogg had nothing but high praise for “The Tribal Chief.”

“It’s the best I’ve ever seen in wrestling. I’ll say that without a shadow of a doubt,” James said. “Roman getting down on his knees and crying, and then hitting [the low blow] … that hurt my heart.”

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