Rob Van Dam Sick Of Wrestlers Doing Wimpy Kick-Outs During Pins In Matches

(Photo Credit: WWE)

There is one thing that really bugs Rob Van Dam.

A pet-peeve, if you will.

During the latest episode of his official podcast, “1 of a Kind,” the WWE Hall of Fame legend and AEW star spoke about how he is bothered by pro wrestlers not having strong kick-outs during their matches.

“Good f*cking strong kick-out,” said RVD. “You know what I hate now is when people don’t kick out. Every time I watch wrestling, I see it. They think just by kicking their feet that they kick out. But their shoulders are still down, and the person’s still on top of them. I hate that. It’s one of those things that annoys me when I watch wrestling. I always tell whoever’s next to me, ‘They were still pinned. Their shoulders were still down.’ They just kick their feet. Kicking your feet don’t do nothing.”

Van Dam continued, “Then every once in a while, like when I was in WWE, they’d say the referee is the credibility. So from now on, you count them down if they don’t kick out.’ They haven’t done that in a while, and they need to. Credibility, they haven’t done a credibility check in years, and it used to be cycled all the time when I was there. But I guess it doesn’t matter anymore, I don’t know.”

Check out the complete episode of RVD’s “1 of a Kind” podcast at H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.