ROH TV Results – April 25, 2024

ROH TV Results – April 25, 2024

Isiah Kassidy vs. Komander

Isiah Kassidy used the Code Of Honor to get a double leg takedown then he did his Shot dance in the face of Komander.

Komander returned the favor then locks Kassidy into a half crab that forced Kassidy to get to the ropes.

After a bunch of reversals Kassidy dumped Komander throat first into the ropes.

Kassidy works over Komander in the corner with some chops and kicks.

Komander fought out of the corner and hit a superkick but Kassidy came back with a hotshot cutter that dumps Komander to the outside.

Kassidy follows him outside and got in the face of Alex Abrahantes.

Kassidy put Komander on the barricade and set up a chair for a jumping dive but Komander moved and Kassidy ate the barricade.

Back in the ring Komander hit a flying headscissors that sent Kassidy to the outside.

Komander hit a dropkick through the ropes then an Asai moonsault.

Komander hits a springboard senton for a two count.

Kassidy went up top and tried a sunset bomb but Komander backflips out of it.

Komander hits a poisonrana but then Kassidy hit him with a Spanish Fly on a reversal for a two count. Komander hit a pair of roll ups for two counts.

Kassidy grabs the ref and hits a mule kick to Komander’s junk before Kassidy hits a neckbreaker to get the pin

Winner: Isiah Kassidy

Backstage after the Dynasty Jay White said I told you so. He said Bullet Club Gold would have plenty of gold and now they do. Austin Gunn said their backpacks are heavy and they run trios then lamented how they get overlooked. Two words for ya, Guns up.

6 Man Tag Team Match
Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, John Silver & Evil Uno) vs. Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin) & Action Andretti

John Silver & Darius Martin did some chain wrestling to start until Darius got a leg sweep for a one count. Action Andretti came in and hit a leap frog onto the arm.

Dante Martin came in and hits a double axe handle to the arm then Darius back in and got a one count.

Top Flight tried a double suplex but Dark Order caught Silver but Top Flight responded with a triple superkick.

Dark Order cleared everyone but Dante and they hit a triple dropkick through the ropes and got a two count on Dante.

Dark Order works over Dante in the corner including some assisted splashes but Dante escaped and tags Andretti & he came in with tons of elbows including a handspring back elbow to Alex Reynolds & Evil Uno.

Andretti moved and Uno splashed Reynolds then Andretti hit Reynolds with a Spanish Fly for a two count.

Top Fight hits and around the world DDT combo and Andretti hits a running shooting star for a near fall.

Uno fought off all 3 men for a moment but Reynolds & Silver pulls Top Flight to ringside and then Dark Order hit a triple forearm on Andretti.

Uno hits a piledriver as Reynolds dove on Top Flight at ringside and the piledriver got a two count. Dark Order set up for their finisher but Silver got caught and pulled to ringside.

Top Flight hit all kinds of kicks. Andretti & Darius hits Spin Cycle on Reynolds for the win,

Winners: Top Flight & Action Andretti

Anna Jay vs. Allysin Kay

Anna Jay stomped on a foot and hits a back hook kick.

Jay tried a spin kick in the corner but Allysin Kay caught her and hit a back suplex for a two count.

Jay raked the eyes and worked over Kay in the corner with kicks.

Jay slaps Kay and Kay fired up and tossed Jay in the corner and chopped her.

Jay got dumped on the ropes with a hotshot and then Kay hits a chokeslam bomb for a two count.

Kay put Jay on the top but Jay fought her off and hit a middle rope blockbuster for a two count.

After some reversals Jay locks in Queen Slayer for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Anna Jay

A recap of the Women’s Title from Battle Of The Belts 10 aired along with the aftermath of that match.

Backstage Women’s Champion Athena and her minions were talking. Athena said that Queen Aminata got in her business. Lexi Nair said there was some unfinished business. Athena said they were going to beat the asses of both Queen Aminata & Red Velvet.

Johnny TV vs. Will Austin

Johnny TV picked an ankle and kneed Will Austin in the face before kissing Taya Valkyrie at ringside. TV hit an inside out arm drag.

Austin hit a springboard flying headscissors and then a dropkick that sent TV to ringside.

Austin started to set up to dive but TV left Valkyrie looking at it and Austin put on the brakes. TV snuck up from behind and hits a Samoan Drop for a two count.

Austin hit a springboard crossbody for a one count.

TV hits a cartwheel gutwrench into a knee to the face and then a Disaster Kick.

TV hits Starship Pain for the win.

Winner: Johnny TV

6 Man Tag Team Match
Mogul Embassy (Bishop Kaun, Toa Liona & Brian Cage) vs. Beef Tank (Beef & Calvin Tankman) & 1 Called Manders

Bishop Kaun threw Beef into the corners and worked him over with punches.

Gates Of Agony hits some tandem offense including a splash from Toa Liona then works over Beef in their corner.

Liona clears Calvin Tankman & 1 Called Manders from the ring as Kaun worked over Beef in the corner.

Kaun put Beef on the top and hits a sidewalk slam on the turnbuckle.

Brian Cage hits a outside in suplex on Beef with ease, and then posed then tried a cover for a near fall. Beef slips out of a back suplex and tags in Calvin Tankman.

He clears Mogul Embassy then Tankman back body drops Kaun onto Cage.

Tankman ran into a running shoulder block from Liona as Kaun hits a Pedigree on Manders.

Liona headbutt Beef then Mogul Embassy hit a triple powerbomb on Tankman for the win.

Winners: Mogul Embassy

A Premiere Athletes video package aired with Smart Mark Sterling talking all about being the best.

Backstage Smart Mark Sterling said phase 2 was a success. Sterling was impressed that it took 6 men last week to chase off his athletes. Sterling ran down their accomplishments yet again. Sterling said they deserve opportunities.

Yuka Sakazaki vs. Leila Grey

Yuka Sakazaki got a headlock takeover for a two count.

Sakazaki hits a rolling kick and a running elbow for a two count.

Leila Grey moved out of the way of a dropkick and hit a senton splash.

Grey hits a running knee lift and a bulldog for a two count.

Grey hit a running snapmare and went up top.

Sakazaki cut Grey off but Grey was able to hits an sunset bomb for a two count.

After some reversals both women traded forearms in the middle of the ring.

Sakazaki hits an rope hung backstabber.

Sakazaki hit a hammerlock airplane spin and dropped Grey.

Sakazaki hits Magical Girl Splash to get the win.

Winner: Yuka Sakazaki

Backstage Lexi Nair was asking Griff Garrison & Cole Karter about their recent failed opportunities. They lamented their losses and Maria came in and said she’s disappointed too. Maria told them to remember every defeat is an opportunity to learn. Maria said that people may be jealous of their bodies, but soon they’ll be jealous of their accomplishments and said they’ll bring home her ROH World Tag Team Titles soon.

Proving Ground Match
ROH World Tag Team Champions Undisputed Kingdom (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs. The Outrunners (Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum)

The Outrunners got an early advantage with some arm wringers but Mike Bennett turned it around on Turbo Floyd.

Floyd hulks up & did a lucha reversal and poked the eyes of Bennett.

Matt Taven trips Magnum and Bennett dropkicked him in the face.

Taven worked over Magnum in their corner with a foot choke.

Undisputed Kingdom baited Floyd into the ring so they could get in some cheap shots.

Floyd trips Magnum so that Taven flew out of the ring.

The Outrunners dumped Bennett outside too and Floyd did a small plancha onto Undisputed Kingdom on the outside.

The Outrunners did their dance in the ring and then Undisputed Kingdom hit them from behind.

Undisputed Kingdom hit some tandem strikes including a clothesline from Taven that got a two count on Magnum. Bennett hit a vertical suplex for a two count.

Bennett locks in a chin lock that Magnum powered out of but Taven cleared Floyd from the apron so the beatdown continued.

Bennett locks in another chinlock and Undisputed Kingdom tried the same trick but Floyd saw it coming and Magnum got the hot tag.

Floyd hits a bunch of punches and some scoop slams on Undisputed Kingdom.

Floyd hits a trio of elbow drops on Bennett then Floyd hits a spinning suplex on Taven.

Magnum came off the top rope with a punch on Bennett and went for Boot Camp but Taven cut them off and Bennett rolls up Magnum for the win.

Winners: ROH World Tag Team Champions Undisputed Kingdom (7:17)

Backstage Queen Aminata & Red Velvet cut a promo. Velvet said she’s beat Billie Starkz twice and will do it again. Aminata said she would continue to drop Athena on her head because she doesn’t respect her because Athena has no honor. They threatened to take out the trash.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Laynie Luck

Laynie Luck got in a big kick and an arm drag but then got run over by a shoulder block.

When Luck kips up Taya Valkyrie put her back down with a dropkick.

Valkyrie choked Luck in the ropes before Valkyrie hits double knees in the corner for a two count.

Valkyrie cranked on the neck of Luck but Luck fought out with a jaw jacker and some punches but Valkyrie hit a spear for a two count.

Luck tried a jackknife move but Valkyrie hits a butterfly DDT for a two count.

Valkyrie locks in an STF for the submission win.

Winner By Submission: Taya Valkyrie

Backstage Lexi Nair interviewed The Infantry & Shawn Dean said they’ve had targets on their backs. The Outrunners came in wearing Camo and Bravo took offense. They each challenged each other to a match next week.

6 Man Tag Team Match
The Righteous (Dutch & Vincent) & Lance Archer vs. Ren Jones, Jon Cruz & CPA

Vincent hits a running back elbow to GPA to start this match then Vincent hits a dropkick to the face.

Dutch hits some arm held clotheslines and then a t bone suplex.

Ren Jones came in and ran right into a shoulder block from Dutch.

Lance Archer came in and hit a splash in the corner.

Jones tried some chops but Archer ate them and then hit a full nelson slam.

Jones rolls Vincent up for a one count.

Cruz got the hot tag and he put Vincent down with some punches only to get dropped by an elbow and the ran into a Black Hole Slam.

The Righteous hits Orange Sunshine on Jones.

Archer said he’s gotta die to GPA then grabs him off the apron and hit blackout onto Jones who was still down.

Dutch steps on Jones, GPA & Cruz for the win.

Winners: The Righteous & Lance Archer

Abadon vs. Nova

Nova got an early advantage with a spear in the corner and a bulldog for a one count.

Nova missed a pump kick and Abadon hits a hair pull bulldog.

Abandon hit double knees in the corner and a running senton.

Abadon hit a running knee to the face then Black Dahlia for the win.

Winner: Abadon

Backstage Lexi Nair congratulated Taya Valkyrie & Johnny TV about their season finale of their YouTube show. They dreamed about all the awards they were going to get. Aaron Solo slid into frame and said if he was on the show it would have been better. TV said he should have retweeted, Valkyrie told him that Solo did. TV & Solo did a handshake. TV told Solo to win a match so that he can hang out with them. They blew Solo off and were bragging about getting in the last word.

Triple Threat Match
The Beast Mortos vs. Blake Christian vs. AR Fox

The Beast Mortos stuffed shoulder blocks from Blake Christian & AR Fox but then they superkicked him out of the ring. Christian told Fox to dive but then he trips Fox.

Fox saw a dive coming and hit one of his own but Mortos ran into the ring and put Fox down with a clothesline.

Mortos hits a series of fast strikes and then a powerslam for a two count on Fox.

Mortos hits a shin breaker then locks in a death lock variation but Christian broke it up with a double stomp from the top rope.

Mortos hits a crucifix bomb and then a pop up Samoan Drop.

Christian flips out of a back suplex attempt and hit a wheelbarrow stomp.

Fox & Christian both punched Mortos back into the corner and both tried 10 punches but he pushed them both off. Christian hit a dropkick and then Fox hit one as well.

Fox & Christian fought on the top rope but Mortos cut them off and tossed both of them off and he covered both men and got two counts on each.

Fox hit a big boot and Christian hit a spear on the apron.

Christian dove between the ropes on Mortos then Fox dove over the ropes onto Mortos.

Christian hits a springboard 450 and then Fox hits a Swanton Bomb off the top rope and they fought over the cover.

Fox hits a rope hung DDT but Mortos was up and hit Fox with Destination Unknown for the win.

Winner: The Beast Mortos