ROH TV Results – August 31, 2023

ROH TV Results – August 31, 2023

NJPW Television Title Match
Zack Sabre Jr (c) vs. Metalik

Zack Sabre Jr looks for submissions early but Metalik was able to slip away and standoff with ZSJ. ZSJ offers a handshake before turning it into a wristlock. Metalik picks up the pace by hooking ZSJ’s arm and hitting a step up hurricanrana.

They jostled for position on a hip toss but ZSJ hooks the arm & cranks the bicep. ZSJ focused on the arm by hitting a pair of bicep stomps while mouthing off to the crowd.

Metalik used the good arm to hit an overhand chop before hitting 2 ropewalk dropkicks and a dive to ZSJ on the floor. Metalik took ZSJ back into the ring and hits a rope walk crossbody for a near fall.

ZSJ came back with a La Mistica into a Cobra Twist that he took to the ground but Metalik was able to squirm to the ropes. ZSJ went back for the arm but Metalik came back with a satellite DDT for a near fall.

They got into a pinning predicament before Metalik hit a thrust kick then Metalik went for a ropewalk elbow drop but ZSJ caught him in a Fujiwara armbar then ZSJ hooks both of Metalik’s arms forcing Metalik to submit with his foot.

Winner By Submission & Still NJPW Television Champion: Zack Sabre Jr (STILL CHAMPION!!!!!)

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Cole Karter & Maria Kanellis-Bennett. Nair ask Karter what he said to Griff Garrison last week. Karter said that Kanellis wanted to give Garrison an opportunity with Kanellis noting that it would be good for Karter & Garrison to team up. Karter asked Kanellis to accompany him to ringside tonight and after some reluctance Kanellis agreed.

John Walters vs. Josh Woods

Josh Woods hooks John Walters’ leg on a leapfrog and took him down then Walters went for a pair of pinfalls but Woods caught him with a big running knee before Woods locks on his standing scorpion lock to score the win.

Winner: Josh Woods

6 Man Tag Team Match
The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry & JD Drake) & Lee Moriarty vs. Beef, Invictus Khash & Lord Crewe

The Workhorsemen & Lee Moriarty got a jump start on Beef, Invictus Khash & Lord Crewe then Khash hit a bodyslam on Moriarty but Moriarty lands a knee to his back and tags out to Anthony Henry. Crewe tags in and caught Henry with a roll up but JD Drake got a blind tag and hit a DDT.

Crewe hit a hurricane kick on Henry before tagging in Beef & he ran wild on Moriarty. Beef caught nothing but canvas on a frog splash then a foot stomp from Henry follow a moonsault from Drake gets the victory.

Winners: The Workhorsemen & Lee Moriarty 

Cole Karter vs. Dustin Jackson

Dustin Jackson sends Cole Karter into the corner with a dropkick but Karter caught him with 2 dropkicks of his own. Karter soon after hits Eye Of The Beholder for the win.

Winner: Cole Karter

Emi Sakura vs. Alice Crowley

Alice Crowley takes Emi Sakura down with a lucha arm drag then Sakura took Crowley down with a chop to the throat. Crowley moves out of the way of a Vader Bomb and fought back but Sakura forced her into the corner with chops.

Crowley fought out with a Perfect Plex for a near fall. Sakura spun her out with a reverse Cross Rhodes then Sakura hits Imperial Backbreaker for the win.

Winner: Emi Sakura

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Josh Woods & Smart Mark Sterling. Sterling gave Woods the challenges he wanted before hyping up his accomplishments. He says that Woods will run the Pure Division.

Tag Team Match
Spanish Announce Project (Serpentico & Angelico) vs. The Outrunners (Truth Mangum & Turbo Floyd)

Serpentico got the early advantage by keeping Truth Magnum off balance with his offense then Angelico tags in and hit a big kick to the back for a near fall.

Serpentico came back in and hit a thrust kick but Magnum rolls out of the way and laid out Serpentico with a lariat.

The Outrunners clobbers on Serpentico before he got to the corner and tags in Angelico & he ran wild by catching Floyd in an STF that Magnum broke up. Serpentico sent Magnum to the floor allowing Angelico to lock on a submission and score the win.

Winners By Submission: Spanish Announce Project

Marina Shafir vs. Angelina Risk

Angelina Risk went for something before Marina Shafir slams her down then Shafir rips Risk down with a pair of judo throws. Risk tried to throw some strikes but Shafir boots her down. Shafir locks on a triangle choke for the win.

Winner By Submission: Marina Shafir

6 Man Tag Team Titles Match
Mogul Embassy (Brain Cage, Toa Liona & Kaun) (c) vs. Action Andretti, Lee Johnson & Darius Martin

Brian Cage hits an F5 on Darius Martin for a near fall then Martin hits a rana to escape a powerbomb attempt but Cage cut off an attempt at a tag with a lariat. Martin hit a tornado DDT before tagging into Lee Johnson.

Johnson rocks Cage with an enzuigiri and a superkick before hitting a big scoop and a slam then Kaun cuts off Johnson’s momentum allowing Cage to hit a neckbreaker out of the corner.

The Embassy clobbers on Johnson until he was able to make a tag out to Action Andretti & he ran wild by taking out both Kaun & Toa Liona. Andretti hits a Spanish Fly on Kaun for a near fall before the match broke down into a brawl with Martin, Andretti & Johnson isolating Kaun for a near fall after an split leg moonsault from Andretti.

Martin, Andretti & Johnson had a bigger challenge with Liona but eventually sends him out of the ring. Cage gets hit with a shotgun dropkick into a German suplex. Johnson hits a frog splash for a near fall.

They took out Prince Nana with a triple superkick and Cage with a triple team cutter but Kaun cut off the pinfall. Kaun & Liona got back involved and quickly isolated Johnson as they drill him to the mat with pendulum powerbomb for the win.

Winners & Still 6 Man Tag Team Champions: Mogul Embassy (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!)