Sean Waltman Recalls Suffering A Devastating Injury As A Result Of A Botched Bronco Buster

WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman recently spoke with Monopoly Events’ For The Love of Wrestling on a number of topics including suffering a devastating injury on his backside as a result of a botched Bronco Buster.

Waltman said, “I missed the Bronco Buster and I tore my a**hole and had to have it repaired. One of the crazy parts about it is it happened to me one time before that and I just assumed it would never happen again. What’s the chances, right? The time that it happened before that, no surgery, just 13 stitches. So I had these stitches and I’m wearing a diaper, and I’m having the NWA world title match with Adam Pearce, and I made it through. You really wouldn’t have known I was wrestling with stitches in my booty.”

Waltman also talked about other injuries he has had in his career.

“A broken neck twice, I had a fusion. Bunch of concussions. Blown ACL. Torn pec. Both biceps were torn … Right now, I only have half a pectoral on one side.”

You can check out Waltman’s comments in the video below.