Seth Rollins Admits Past Pairing With Becky Lynch Didn’t Work Out Well

Seth “Freakin'” Rollins would like to partner up with his real-life better half, Becky Lynch, on WWE television again.

While in Detroit for WWE SummerSlam Weekend the WWE World Heavyweight Champion spoke in an interview about his past pairing with Lynch and how he would like to do it again.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On how he wasn’t in the right mindset the first time they partnered up on-screen: “When we do it, it’s one of those things where we tried it four years ago, our characters were in totally different places at the time. Our mindsets just as human beings were in totally different places at the time. I was struggling, I didn’t know who I was on-screen, off-screen. I was going through a lot of self-doubt and depression. So for me, I was just kind of letting it all fly, hoping something would stick, hoping I could catch onto something, and I thought it would be good for all people involved. For her, her character was in a different place, she was in a different stratosphere, and it was hard for her to manage what her character was on-screen as ‘The Man,’ as this female badass, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin-type character, and then on the flip side of that, having a husband and a love interest and all that. So that was hard for her to put together on-screen. For me, I’m always like, ‘Let’s go with the flow.’ I’m not quite as protective as she is in that regard, probably to my own detriment in some cases. But yeah, it’s one of those things where, when you take your relationship and you turn it into a story, it becomes difficult because it’s hard for our audience occasionally to separate fiction from reality.”

On how he would love to give it another try now that his character is more clearly defined: “At the same time, our business is built on blending fiction and reality. So those diametric forces that are sort of pulling and pushing all the time can create a bit of a struggle. So we weren’t ready for it, it didn’t flesh out, our characters weren’t in the right place, our heads weren’t in the right place, our heads weren’t in the right place. If we did it now or in the future, it might be different. But I’m also fortunate that it’s not a thing that we need to go to. We’re both just very strong individual characters and can carry stories individually on our own, which is lovely. So if we go there again, I’d love to give it a second shot. I think there’s a lot to it. But if we don’t, we tried it, it didn’t work, and we’re still very happily married, so that’s good.”

Check out the complete interview embedded below.