Sheamus Thinks WWE Wasted His Potential Coming Out Of Clash At The Castle

You’ve got to strike while the iron is hot.

“The Celtic Warrior” doesn’t think WWE recently did that in his case.

Sheamus recently spoke with The Daily Star to promote the upcoming WWE SummerSlam 2023 premium live event, and during the interview, he spoke about how he feels WWE wasted the momentum he had built up coming out of his memorable performance at WWE Clash At The Castle.

“I’m not upset about that at all (losing to GUNTHER at WWE Clash at the Castle),” Sheamus said. “I felt it was great, it was just the type of character Sheamus is, all fits and elbows. What I was upset about and what really bothered me was the creative after that.”

He continued, “I came out of that with so much organic momentum, and it was just wasted. It didn’t go anywhere. It was a dead end, just like with WrestleMania. Drew (McIntyre) went away because he was injured, but I was ready to go and then just nothing. There were no avenues and nowhere to go and that’s frustrating. I did the WarGames thing but that was s*** – that’s how I felt, though others might have felt differently.”

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