Exclusive: Spitfire (Dani Luna & Jody Threat) Open Up About The TNA Knockouts Division, More

In the latest exclusive PW Mania interview, PW Mania’s Scott Mitchell (@Scott44Mitchell) sits down with the current TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Champions, Spitfire. Dani Luna (@DaniLuna_pro) and Jody Threat (@JodyThreat) talk about winning the TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Championships, their decision to sign with TNA, being a part of the Knockout’s roster, what’s next, and so much more.

You can check out the complete interview below:

In early March, you won the TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Championships for the first time. What was that moment like for you?

Jody Threat: “It was wild. It was very shocking. I knew we had it in us the whole time. Being a newer tag team, who would have thought we would be able to snag something so coveted in such a short period of time? That was our first official match as a tag team at the time. We were just friends before. We had debut music, debut gear, and had the secret combination.”

Dani Luna: “It felt like such a genuine surprise from everyone in the room. It’s not something we get very often nowadays in wrestling. It was cool for us to be in that moment, feel it, and just soak it all in.”

How did Spitfire come about?

Dani Luna: “We’ve been friends for a while now. Jody flew over a few times in the UK to do the indies here a couple of years ago, and we kind of just hit it off. We realized pretty quickly we were the same person just from different continents. We see each other now and then, and we become friends. She started doing some work over here where she’d stay for a few days. We just really got to know each other and realized we had very similar goals and very similar work ethics. Once you kind of find someone like that it’s very important to keep them close. That kind of became maybe we could make this a tag team. There’s a gap in the market for someone like us as a tag team, especially in such a stacked division like the Knockout’s division. We realized we had something special here, and it just felt natural. We had very similar styles and it just kind of all molded together quite naturally.”

Jody Threat: “I like to think that creative saw that magic, especially in the Women’s Ultimate-X match. I think that’s where they noticed the chemistry between Dani and me. It’s cool that they’re seeing them. For anyone who isn’t caught up, we had a few instances where we got paired together just to see. From there we just started supporting each other through a few singles matches. Then we got a shot against a real tag team and it worked.”

DECAY and MK Ultra both made their presence known by saying they both wanted a rematch. Looking at the Knockout’s tag division in TNA right now with a big bullseye on your back, what is your mindset?

Dani Luna: “We’re always up for a scrap. We do feel very targeted at the moment I will say. We turned up quite nicely and just won some tag team titles and now everyone wants to kill us. But, we’re super up for a challenge. We’ve never had a straight match with DECAY ever. That would be a great one. Especially considering they’ve been around for a long time, it’ll be a great experience for us. MK Ultra and us just don’t like each other, and that’s fine. There are lots of challenges for us right now but I find that very exciting. The fact that there are so many teams in the Knockout’s division right now is such an improvement from where it was at one point. It’s only good that we have a million challengers.”

What does it mean to you to just be a part of arguably one of the best women’s locker rooms in all of professional wrestling today, the TNA Knockout’s division?

Jody Threat: “It’s an honor. It’s really special when you can be a part of a company or any sort of community where they value women and what we bring to the table and see us in such a light. Even before Dani came, when I was there alone, it was just so cool to be a Canadian and a female at the TNA table.”

Dani Luna: “Absolutely. On top of that, not only do they have this belief in their women’s division, but they brought me over from the UK and that’s even more trust and belief. But the fact that I can work my way up, where there are open arms for me to work up that ladder as someone from a completely different continent, it’s such a great opportunity to get British wrestlers involved in this too and hopefully I’m just the first of many to come. But yeah, it’s great and so supportive.”

Jody Threat: “This question is kind of cool. It gives you a second to pause and reflect on how cool it is. I’m from a different country, Dani’s from a different continent, and they’re investing in us and making sure we’re there. We’re representing a lot of places that don’t get the spotlight it deserves. Go TNA!”

We saw the return of the 8-4-1 match recently on TNA. What was that like for you both to be a part of?

Dani Luna: “It was a crazy match honestly. It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on, and you don’t even have a second to collect yourself before the fatal four-way. It was insane and chaos, it’s way too many bodies.”

What’s it like being a TNA Knockout, as opposed to an IMPACT Knockout? How important is it for you that the TNA banner is back?

Jody Threat: “I think it’s super neat. There’s such a legacy to the certain name, but I honestly love Dani’s take on why it’s super important.”

Dani Luna: “Yeah, so in the UK, you could only watch WWE if you had Sky. A lot of kids in my generation didn’t have it. TNA was always on free TV so that was the wrestling that people like me and my generation watched. It’s special for me to get to wrestle for TNA. That was the brand I watched growing up. It’s so cool too that we were the opening match on that first TNA pay-per-view. It was so cool, and I think that name holds so much prestige to so many fans. There are so many fantastic wrestlers who were attached to that name who may not have been attached to the IMPACT banner. I think it’s the right way to go and the right way to build from there again.”

Last year, you both decided to sign with TNA. What made your decision so easy to re-sign with the company?

Jody Threat: “To me, it was a straight signing, I know it was for Dani as well. But it was my first TV contract which was super cool. It was so easy to go there because I saw the attention they gave the women’s division. When the offer was there I said absolutely yes, it would be such an honor and privilege for me to join that women’s roster and be a part of a company that values their women’s division. There’s so much support and it’s not just agents with formal support. We get support from our peers too, and it’s just such a cool place to work. To do it our way too, they don’t force people to conform to a certain idea. They help you express yourself in the best way possible.”

Dani Luna: “It was very similar for me too, but of course, I live in a different country completely. Getting an opportunity to show Dani Luna to that international audience is such an honor. I’ve been a part of the WWE and NXT UK, but even that was very based on the people of the UK. So, to be able to get that trust of wanting to show me to the world was incredible and not an offer I’d ever want to turn down. You get the perks of working with incredible talent, incredible HR, incredible agents, and just being around people who want you to improve and want you to become the best you can be. It just felt right. For just two people who are still trying to be good wrestlers, hone our craft, and getting so much support for that, they’re always working with you to help you get there.”

What’s next for you both? Do you have any future goals in mind looking ahead?

Dani Luna: “Our next goal is to take the Knockout’s Tag Team gold worldwide and wrestle as many good tag teams as we can. There are so many good wrestlers here in the UK, between that and Canada, Japan, and throughout the US too. We just really want to level up that women’s tag team division, so it’s viewed the same as the men’s. There’s so much heritage in the men’s tag division and if we can get to even a fraction of that, I think we’d do a good job.”

Jody Threat: “I think so too.”

Do you have any future opponents you’d like to square off with?

Both: “Motor City Machine Guns.”

With Rebellion and Under Siege coming up, what are you both looking forward to at both of those shows?

Jody Threat: “Dominating. We have a target on our back, and we must ensure people keep at bay.”

Do you have any message you’d like to leave for fans reading this?

Dani Luna: “We want women’s tag team wrestling to be the best in the world. We want to be the best women’s tag team in the world. Anything people can do to support that cause, whether that be supporting us or whoever they like, just support.”

Jody Threat: “Maybe too start tagging us in posts against different women’s teams you want to see us face. We truly want to travel the world as a team and face off with the best. We truly want to highlight tag team wrestling for women. Send us who you’d love to see us face out of all the countries and continents.”

Do you have anyone on your list who you’d like to face?

Dani Luna: “There’s a team in the UK who we’d like to face. Rhio and Emersyn Jayne. They have a couple of tag belts in the UK. That’s going to be one of our first stops. They are two wrestlers who should be highlighted on that worldwide scale. That would be one of our first choices if we could make it happen.”