Steven Borden Reveals He Wanted To Be “Crow Sting” At AEW Revolution

Steven Borden, the son of “The Icon” Sting, recently spoke with on a number of topics including how he wanted to portray the role of “Crow Sting” at AEW Revolution, but he ended up as the “Wolfpack Sting” per the suggestion of Darby Allin.

Borden said, “Yeah, so the plan actually until the very end, close to the very end, was for me to just do Crow Sting. So Garrett was going to be Surfer, I was going to be Crow. That was always pretty clear. There was never contention over who was going to do what. It just, everybody kind of knew, ‘yeah, I think it makes most sense for Garrett to do Surfer.’ And that’s probably partially because I used to have long hair so we all got used to that. Then Darby actually made a point to my dad maybe a week or so before the match going, ‘well, you know, don’t you think if Garrett’s going to be Surfer, Steven’s going to be Crow, and then you’re also going to be Crow this is an opportunity to mix it up a little bit?’ And that was a good point, so that’s where we landed on, ‘let’s just try to deliver a few different eras in one.’ And obviously, as you said, we had some logistical constraints with the attire but we landed on the red too, just for the contrast. It made us two stand out from each other a little bit more.”