Superstars Apparently Instructed Not To Mention Sable’s Name On WWE TV

Edge addressed the fans in Madison Square Garden on this week’s WWE SmackDown, talking about his 25 years with the company and how he started as Sable’s mystery partner in 1998. The Sable reference was unexpected because it had been decades since her name had been mentioned in a WWE show promo.

Sable hasn’t returned for any reunion shows, and she’s one of the biggest names from the Attitude Era who hasn’t been invited to the WWE Hall of Fame. According to one former WWE star, Sable’s name is not permitted to be mentioned.

Torrie Wilson stated during a virtual autograph signing that she was told not to mention Sable in her Hall of Fame speech. Wilson joked that you’d have to go to Timbuktu in Minnesota to find her because she’s completely out of the wrestling business. “You’re not even allowed to mention her name. I mentioned her name in my Hall of Fame speech and right before they told me, ‘Oh by the way, you’re not allowed to mention her name.'”

Wilson and Sable shared a storyline on SmackDown in 2003. They were also on the cover of Playboy. Sable’s tenure with the company ended in 2004, and she has since lived in private with her husband Brock Lesnar.