Teddy Hart’s Drug Case Has Request For Continuation Granted

Teddy Hart appeared in court on January 11th following his arrest on July 15th on charges of possessing MDMA (ecstasy) and possessing a controlled substance without a prescription.

The charges are a third-degree felony in Florida. He was also cited for failing to stop at a steady red light, which resulted in him being pulled over in first place. This follows Hart’s previous encounters with police.

He had a court appearance in Titusville, Florida, last Thursday regarding the arrest, which was listed as a mandatory appearance for “Early Resolution.”

PWInsider reports that his defense requested and received a continuance during his hearing. The court agreed and moved the hearing to February 8. The court noted that this would be the final time the defense could request a continuance.

He was initially thought to be the next member of the legendary Hart family to become a successful wrestler. That did not happen due to personal reasons.