Thunder Rosa Performs New Track For The Last Match: A Pro Wrestling Rock Experience

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Thunder Rosa’s Powerful Voice Triumphant In The Last Match: A Pro Wrestling Rock Experience 

July 7, 2023 — International Wrestling Phenom Thunder Rosa performs a new hit track for The Last Match: A Pro Wrestling Rock Experience. 

Former AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa has recorded “Mi Estrella Brillará” — the Spanish version of the show-stopping number “I Just Can’t Get Enough.” It can be heard wherever you listen to music on July 22, 2023 — the same day Thunder Rosa makes her heroic return to AEW! 

Following the smashing success of the release of “I Just Can’t Get Enough,” performed by Broadway star Amber Ardolino, wrestling fans worldwide wanted even more heart-pumping sounds from The Last Match composers Sylvana Joyce and C. Robert Smith. What better way to give the fans what they want than with the unrivaled voice of Thunder Rosa?!

Here is what Thunder Rosa had to say about The Last Match and her experience recording a hit track like no other in the history of pro wrestling: 

What was your initial reaction to The Last Match when you first saw it in Jersey City? 

Thunder Rosa: It was magical, honestly. As a professional wrestler, many truths were said in the story. I loved the song “I Just Can’t Get Enough” the moment I heard it — it really spoke to me and how I felt personally. 

How did you feel stepping into the recording studio to blend your talents as a singer into a unique pro wrestling experience like The Last Match

Thunder Rosa: It was daunting. I had been training my voice to start signing since last year, but I never thought I’d be translating, let alone signing and recording a song for The Last Match! As I have done with pro wrestling, I put it in the universe, and things landed perfectly. 

What was the highlight moment working with The Last Match composer Sylvana Joyce to rework “I Just Can’t Get Enough” into Spanish and make it your own? 

Thunder Rosa: Working with Sylvana was amazing. She is such a talented, smart, and passionate musician. She was so open to suggestions, and the fact that she sat down there with us for hours to make sure that we could really give flavor and meaning to the song made it so much more special — specifically since she doesn’t really speak Spanish! The whole experience was challenging and so rewarding. 

The Last Match — Rock Music & Pro Wrestling 

The Last Match concept album, which includes a performance by the “Indy God” Matt Cardona, is on all streaming services, as is the first music video, “When It All Falls Down.” 

Billed as an immersive Pro-Wrestling Rock Experience, The Last Match tells the story of Ben Vengeance — professional wrestling’s biggest star — on the night of his last match. With the weight of his legacy, the future of the wrestling organization, and the prospects of a peaceful 

retirement with his wife, Jenny — a wrestling star in her own right — on his shoulders, Ben’s last match on wrestling grandest stage promises to be anything but a quiet ride into the sunset. 

The Last Match is just like the world of pro wrestling — chock full of colorful, bombastic entertainment. Mixing theater, rock, and live wrestling, this isn’t your grandparent’s typical musical; unless your grandparents are total rock stars! 

The Last Match: A Pro Wrestling Rock Experience features: 

  • Book and Lyrics by Jason Huza 
  • Book Music and Lyrics by Sylvana Joyce and C. Robert Smith
  • Book and Original Concept by Jeremiah James 
  • Script Consultation former WWE Writer Phil Blechman 

The Last Match is produced by Jeremiah James and Rachael Murray. 

“The Last Match is a fully immersive pro wrestling rock experience written by wrestling fans, for wrestling fans!” —Jeremiah James 

“This IS wrestling!” 

Mike Tivey, World Wrestling Flashbacks 

“The Last Match: A Pro Wrestling Rock Experience” 

Producing Team: Rachael Murray, Jeremiah James 

Tommy Fierro, Independent Superstars of Pro Wrestling (ISPW) 

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