TNA Impact Review – February 1, 2024

TNA Impact Review – February 1, 2024

Nic Nemeth vs. Trey Miguel

Nic Nemeth hits 10 elbow drops in a row on Trey Miguel then a cover but Miguel kicks out.

Nemeth goes for a superkick but Miguel catches it before Nemeth hits a Fameasser for a two count.

Nemeth lines up for a superkick but Zachary Wentz catches his leg from the outside.

The referee ejects Wentz from ringside then Miguel hits an enzuigiri followed by a Meteora from the top rope for a two count.

Miguel tunes up the band and goes for a superkick but Nemeth hits one of his own for the win.

Winner: Nic Nemeth

After the match Steve Maclin attacks Nic Nemeth as he’s heading up the ramp and beats down on him in the ring. The Rascalz hit double superkicks on Nic Nemeth then they pick up Nemeth and Maclin hits KIA on him.

We see a vignette with Deaner & Kon & Deaner says it’s time to regroup. Kon says The Design is dead and that it is always about regrouping and the same bullshit. Deaner gets angry and Kon says The Design is dead because he says its dead and its time to show the world who the baddest man in TNA is and it starts tonight.

The Rascalz & Steve Maclin are backstage and Maclin says he told from the start that Nic Nemeth was a phony. They run into Mike Bailey backstage and Bailey drops his phone. Miguel tells him to pick up that trash. Bailey asks if he has any suggestion. Zachary Wentz gets in his face but Maclin holds him back.

Non Title Match
Knockouts Tag Team Champions Decay (Rosemary & Havok) vs. Milla Moore & Savannah Throne

Rosemary bites Mila Moore and locks in a Tarantula against the ropes. Savannah Thorne gets the tag and slaps Rosemary. Rosemary smiles and tags to Havok.

Throne tries to tag in but Mila gets away so Havok hits a Death Valley Driver on Throne and Decay hits a double team spinebuster  for the win.

Winners: Knockouts Tag Team Champions Decay

Backstage we see MK Ultra watching the match. Gia Miller asks them and asks what they think about that. Killer Kelly says they want their rematch at No Surrender then Dani Luna & Jody Threat come up and talk about winning the Ultimate X while MK Ultra lost their match. Luna talks about Threat’s match tonight against Slamovich and that she will be in Threat’s corner.

We have Alan Angels’ talk show Sound Check and he introduces Josh Alexander. He lists out all the belts that Alexander won and says his biggest accomplishment was being on his show. Alexander talks about going for the TNA World Title and Angels says he knows about stepping on some toes to getting there. Alexander asks what he is talking about. Angels says we know who he is talking about and that he is not setting the best example for his son Jett. Alexander says he has had enough and walks off.

Brain Myers vs. Kevin Knight

Brian Myers gets Kevin Knight in a headlock but Knight gets out of it and hits a pop up dropkick.

Knight hits punches and throws Myers to the outside and hits a splash on Myers then hits a splash on Myers in the ring for a two count. Knight hits a superkick followed by a DDT for two.

Myers goes outside the ring and Knight throws him back in but Myers hits a low blow using the rope as he’s getting in the ring and gets two.

Myers goes for Roster Cut but Knight hits a dropkick then goes for a Splash off the top rope but Myers gets out of the way and hits Roster Cut for the win.

Winner: Brian Myers 

After the match Eddie Edwards gets in the ring and they corner Kevin Knight but Kushida’s music hits and Edwards & Myers get out of the ring.

Gia Miller is with X Division Champion Chris Sabin and she asks about Mustafa Ali talking about being the X Factor. Sabin says if Mustafa Ali wants to step up he’s all for it. A Mustafa Ali promo pops up on the television screen with footage of Sabin. Mustafa Ali says change is a necessary thing and they need an example and he approves this message. The Good Hands show up and John Skyler talks about Mustafa Ali. Sabin says he’ll face Skyler next week.

Frankie Kazarian makes his way to the ring. He says he’s been asked all week why he attacked Eric Young. Kazarian says 1 year ago, he came to TNA and saved it. He says he’s given everything to this company and this business. He says now he starts taking and he will take what he wants. He says he’s seen people take the opportunities they didn’t deserve and that stops. He says he has been overlooked and that stops. He says going forward, he has no desire to be a hero to the people, because they only want to see the hero fail and in this story, the hero needs to be a monster and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. He says Eric Young is the lifeblood of TNA and has been champion multiple times while he’s been a soldier in the trenches. He says history doesn’t remember soldiers, it remembers Kings and that’s what he intends to do. He says none of the people mean a damn thing to him. He says Eric Young was a means to an end. He says he will not walk in the shadows and that he will walk a higher path. He says the people have permission to hate him now. Eric Young is seen watching from backstage as Kazarian leaves.

The System is backstage and Alex Shelley walks up to them and Shelley talks about his rematch. TNA World Champion Moose says there’s 4 of them and the 1 of him. Shelley says he’s not scared of that and they can go right now. Moose says that’s not how The System works and he’ll find out.

We see a vignette of Ash By Elegance drinking champagne.

Deaner walks up to the ring & says he has to admit that as of right now, something that he created is over. He says as of right now, The Design is dead. He says he admits it might be his fault. He says he thought that when Violent By Design died, he thought he could breathe life into it. He says when something is dead it’s never going to come back to life.

PCO vs. Deaner

PCO hits a clothesline and Showstopper followed by PCO Sault for the win.

Winner: PCO

After the match, Kon attacks PCO. He then clotheslines Deaner. Kon snaps Deaner’s neck. PCO gets up and Kon chokeslams him and suffocates him by covering his face with his hand.

We see AJ Francis backstage and he walks upto Rich Swann and he says he brings opportunity. Rich Swann says whatever Francis is selling, Swann is not buying. Francis asks Rhino if he wants any help with that Crazzy Steve problem. Rhino tells him to f*ck off. Swann says no one needs his help.

We see an interview with Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace and she talks about getting the call about being part of the Royal Rumble. She said she asked if WWE asked for her and that Scott D’Amore told her to be there and jump the barricade. We see Grace’s mom and she says she wanted to do this since she was 9. We see footage of her Royal Rumble entrance and Gail Kim’s live reaction to it.

Masha Slamovich vs. Jody Threat

Masha Slamovich hits 3 lariats on Jody Threat for a two count then Threat hits kicks on Masha followed by a pump kick and double knees on Slamovich on the ropes and a German suplex for two.

Killer Kelly grabs Threat’s leg from outside and Dani Luna lays her out but Slamovich hits Snow Plow for the win.

Winner: Masha Slamovich

Backstage we see footage of Kushida being laid out by The System & Alex Shelley comes to his aid.

Non Title 1st Match Of The Best Of 3 Series
TNA World Tag Team Champions ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (0) vs. Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson & James Drake) (0)

James Drake hits a spinning back heel kick on Chris Bey then Drake hits a scoop slam for a two count. Drake gets Bey in a sleeper and Zack Gibson gets the tag and hits a butterfly suplex for two.

Gibson gets a sleeper on Bey but Bey gets out of it and hits a spinning neckbreaker then Drake gets the tag and he pulls in Bey but Bey crawls under his legs and tags to Ace Austin.

Austin hits a double dropkick to GYV before he drops Drake inside out and stomps on his hands then Bey gets the tag and he hits a Frog Splash for two. Austin gets the tag but Gibson grabs his leg.

Austin kicks him away and goes for a move off the top rope but Drake gets out of the way then Drake hits a dropkick on Austin in the corner for a two count.

Drake slaps Austin and tags to Gibson who sets up for the Doomsday Device.

Drake goes for a move off the top rope but Austin hits a spin kick then ABC hits a springboard kick and neckbreaker tag team combo for a two count. Drake goes for the assisted Sliced Bread but Bey kicks him.

Bey hits a suicide dive on Gibson on the outside then Austin hits a kick off the apron and hits a Fosbury Flop on Gibson on the outside.

Drake pulls Austin down with his scarf and drops him then Drake gets the tag and they hit Grit Your Teeth for the win.

Winners: Grizzled Young Vets (1) (Recommend)

Next Week’s Impact

Tag Team Match
Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace & Trinity vs. Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans

Non Title Match
X Division Champion Chris Sabin vs. John Skyler