Tommaso Ciampa Reveals Dream Match He Would Love With Johnny Gargano As His Tag Partner

WWE Superstar Tommaso Ciampa recently appeared on the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin to talk about a number of topics including who he would love to compete in a dream match on the WWE’s main roster with Johnny Gargano as his tag team partner.

Ciampa said, “So, I mean, the dream match that I always see, I guess there’s two but the one that jumps a lot is with Sami (Zayn) and Kevin (Owens). Kind of parallel to their relationship and ours. Those are two guys that, man, I have the same chemistry with Sami Zayn, Johnny (Gargano) has the same chemistry with Kevin and really good friends of ours and all that. That would be such a dream match for us, let alone for just fans. Usos are on just a different level. Kofi (Kingston) and I started months apart on the independents at the same school. I’ve never done anything with him in WWE so the idea of them, being New Day, again, when he gets healthy. Ivar, when he was ‘Handsome Johnny’, he’s the first guy who trained me and broke me into the business so the idea of doing stuff with Viking Raiders, that to me, all of those scenarios and the stories we could likely tell with those guys and Johnny and I have a real passion for tag team wrestling and the psychology of it and making it mean something, holding the freaking tag rope and feed on the apron and never breaking a five count. I think if we could bring some of that in and then all of a sudden get with these freakin’ larger than life superstars, it could be a special run so I definitely am hoping to do it. To be honest, I want so badly to stay healthy and get the opportunity to tell great stories and have great programs where people can just, five years from now be like, man, I don’t want them to make it easy to where they’re just like, oh, he had that one great match with so and so or that one great promo. I want it to be one of those rapid fires where it’s like, oh, and then they did The Uso thing and then they did the thing with Kevin and Sami and then they did the thing where they went and did their own thing and they were separate and he had that thing with GUNTHER… remember him and Randy (Orton)? I want it to just be this portfolio where you’re just like, well damn, that was a hell of a career. What a run, you know? So whether that’s doing D.I.Y., whether that’s doing stuff against Johnny which would obviously be a dream scenario at some point, I just want an opportunity man.”

“I think we could have so much fun too with that smarter fan base of like, there’s always that underlying, can Johnny trust me? And can Sami trust him? And then Kevin and I, we’re buddies in real life but, we have a bit of similarity to us and I just think we could really have fun and do some stuff whether it’s backstages and vignettes. Like I said, all I’ve got is time and ideas and you just write ‘em in your phone and you just wait for the time to happen when you can actually put them into existence but yeah, it would be amazing, amazing, especially, when I think back to when we were D.I.Y., in Johnny and I’s own personal journey until now, we are significantly better performers than we were then. Like significantly, especially for myself. I’ve really evolved and kind of found myself and come into my own. I feel like Johnny found himself and his stride earlier than my own. But that element of, okay, you guys dug what we were doing then. Wait until you can see what we can do now. If the opportunity was there and we get to get rolling and stuff, I think we could really turn out some awesome, awesome content.”

You can check out the complete interview below.

(H/T to PostWrestling for transcribing the above quotes)