Top Takeaways & Results From Rev Pro: Epic Encounter (9/7/2023)

From the legendary York Hall in London this past Sunday, July 9, one of the UK’s top promotions, Revolution Pro Wrestling, held one of their top annual events, Epic Encounter.

The 8-match card was one of the promotion’s very best shows with an amazing roster ensuring every match was one a wrestling fan would take delight in watching. If you weren’t there seek the show out at Rev Pro On Demand. Here are my top takeaways:



Michael Oku has done it. He won the undisputed British Heavyweight Championship after defeating Great-O-Khan in a thrilling main event. Oku has put on classic after classic for the company, with recent outings against Will Ospreay and Leyton Buzzard standing out, and he deserves this moment. The match was as expected with the United Empire and Gideon Grey playing a huge role in trying to stop Oku winning, but Michael found a way and after winning, the roster arrived in the ring to hoist the new champ up…all but Trent Seven that is who attacked Oku, left the arena with the belt and ran down Old Ford Road holding something that isn’t his. Our next title feud has just been set people.



There’s not much more you can say about Will Ospreay. The guy has done it all and continually comes home to shows around the country after selling out worldwide arenas and putting on masterpieces. The match against Slater was more of the same. Since we interviewed Slater at the start of the year, we at PWMania have marvelled over the young man’s ability and can tell you that the sky is the limit for him. He didn’t seem out of his depth and he pushed Will all the way. This was special. You have to watch it!



Another homecoming for ZSJ was greatly received as he and Jordan Breaks put on a solid technical masterclass. Zack is just so good, as is Breaks, and this real British style of wrestling sat greatly on the card. A top match where holds and submissions were a key factor, with the crowd on the edge of their seat at the amazing moves on show. And did we get a Copper Box match announced for All IN weekend when RKJ arrived and challenged New Japan’s TV champ? Let’s hope so.



Windsor showed a ruthless side by defeating Hyan, Skye Smitson, and Dani Luna in a No DQ 4-way elimination match. Winning after attacking Hyan with multiple chair shots and breaking her with a sharpshooter, Windsor immediately gained heat from the loud crowd which puts her in great stead to be a champion that many will want to see lose. I don’t think it will be any time soon however.


The Welsh boys come good before heading to IMPACT’s Slammiversary PPV next week as they defeat the Greedy Souls to win the British Tag Team Championships. A breathtaking 17 min match ended the first half of the card as Webster and Andrews took the gold, with near falls and high spots galore. I am so happy for these guys, especially Webster after his injuries woes of the past. It is said a lot, but Subculture, YOU DESERVE IT!


The show kicked off with a top cruiserweight title match where Connor Mills defeated the superbly talented Robbie X to take home the gold. Mills used the belt and a low blow to get the W, but a win is a win, and the title is now his. Not that the crowd was happy. These two had great chemistry, so a rematch would be very welcomed as this is a feud with real legs.

To sum it up, Rev Pro put on one of the greatest British wrestling shows of all time. Every company has such momentum at the moment and Rev Pro has shown why the world watches, and appears, for their company. This was amazing and you need to watch it on Rev Pro On Demand, whilst buying your ticket for their big 11th anniversary show at the Copper Box.


Full Results:

  • RevPro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship: Connor Mills defeated Robbie X (c) to win the title.
  • Trent Seven defeated Sha Samuels
  • Luke Jacobs def. Tom Lawlor
  • RevPro Undisputed British Tag Team Championships: Subculture (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster) def. Greedy Souls (Danny Jones & Brendan White) (c) to win the titles.
  • Southside Women’s Championship / RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Championship Unification Elimination Match: RevPro’s Alex Windsor defeated Southside Champion Skye Smitson, Dani Luna and Hyan.
  • Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Jordon Breaks
  • Will Ospreay (with Callum Newman) defeated Leon Slater
  • RevPro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Michael Oku defeated Great-O-Khan (c) to win the title.

Pictures: Revolution Pro Wrestling, Mark Andrews, Michael Oku.