Tyler Bate Addresses Officially Joining The WWE Main Roster And Teaming Up With Pete Dunne

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE star Tyler Bate made commented on officially joining the main roster during an interview with The UK Metro:

“Because I’ve been in wrestling so long, it’s almost like sometimes I forget how young I still am,’ he said. Even though I’ve been here for seven years, I still have a lot of time. It’s finally like it got to the point like people were just like, ‘Come on. Let’s get Tyler on!’ So I’d rather that then, like, I’m ‘not ready for the main roster’. It’s been like partly tactical.”

Bate also discussed his tag team with Pete Dunne:

“A lifetime of work was all coming together. We both put a lot of pressure on ourselves with where we come from in representing British wrestling, and the style of British wrestling. Taking that to the main stage feels like a huge responsibility. But I feel like we’re both nailing it… [I was] super proud of how it went. It couldn’t have been more ideal for me.”