Video: Cathy Kelley Gets Capture Work Done For WWE 2K24 Video Game

Cathy Kelley is excited for the release of WWE 2K24.

The WWE broadcast team member surfaced on social media this weekend to share exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of herself getting captured to be featured in the newest WWE video game release from 2K.

“Spoiler: they did indeed use that one in the game,” she started the caption to the post containing the aforementioned video. “Happy WWE 2K launch day!!! it’s been unreal to see all the screen grabs you guys have tagged me in the past few days. can’t wait to manage all your fave superstars feels like the most surreal dream.”

Kelley continued, “My only offensive move in prior video games was to build a pool, make my enemies swim, and remove the ladder. but this is SO MUCH COOLER. Shoutout to Brown Bag Brown Dad, Bryce Yang and the rest of the WWE Games games team!!! You all out-did yourselves this year.”