Video: Drew McIntyre Addresses Reports Stemming From Survivor Series

On Sunday night, “The Scottish Warrior” addressed the talk about him on the internet stemming from rumors from the WWE Survivor Series 2023 premium live event on Saturday night.

At the WWE live event in Peoria, Drew McIntyre cut a promo and commented about the internet talk about him since reports and videos surfaced that showed him abruptly storming out of Survivor Series as soon as the Men’s WarGames main event wrapped up.

“If you watched the show, you know why,” Drew McIntyre said during the WWE house show. “I didn’t win the world title match recently. WarGames last night, stupid team lost the match for me. You’ve heard things probably on the internet. Not in a great place, but there’s one thing that can turn this frown upside down, that can change things for me. It’s getting that world title. I don’t think of anywhere better than for Big D to finally win his first world title in front of live fans than right here in Peoria, Illinois.

McIntyre continued, “Got a game plan. I’ve always got a game plan. I’m gonna take Shin’s head, I’m gonna kick it like a field goal. I’ve been learning a lot about American football recently. Seth, I’m gonna break his back, make him humble, kick his arse, and take that world title. Then we’re gonna have an afterparty. It’s gonna be huge. If you’re over 21, get out on the town, buy Big Mac a shot. Big Mac, that’s me. Buy me a shot because we’re partying all night long.”

Check out the video below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.