Video: Nigel McGuinness Reveals Why He Calls Bryan Danielson A Clamdigger

Why does Nigel McGuinness call Bryan Danielson a “clamdigger”?

We finally have the answer!

During his appearance on the “Hey! (EW)” digital series with RJ City, fellow AEW broadcast team member Nigel McGuinness explained why he constantly refers to “The American Dragon” as a “clamdigger.”

“‘Cause that is his hobby and I always thought, he’s always seen as this tough badass wrestler and that’s his hobby,” McGuinness said. “To dig up these mollusks, stand on the sand with this silly looking spade.”

RJ City would go on to explain that the term is slang for someone with ‘unclean genatalia,’ leading McGuinness to fire back, “It is a euphemism, but I’ve already told you the word that it’s a euphemism for.”

Check out the complete episode of “Hey! (EW)” with RJ City and Nigel McGuinness via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.