Vince McMahon’s Trainer Addresses Vince Being Unable To Attend WWE WrestleMania XL

(Photo Credit: @MKSlash1241)

Vince McMahon’s personal trainer, Michael Monteforte, has offered his thoughts on the circumstances surrounding McMahon.

The former WWE CEO was accused of sex trafficking, sharing nude photos and explicit videos of former WWE employee Janel Grant without her consent, among other things. The lawsuit also names the company and former WWE executive John Laurnatis.

In the post, Monteforte discussed McMahon missing his first WrestleMania since the event’s creation 40 years ago.

He wrote, “Vince McMahon was unable to attend his first WrestleMania. How quickly people forget, that without his vision, there would be no Wrestling or WrestleMania. Sadly, when a person is down, the people who they say love you, turn their backs on you. “

Monteforte added in the caption, “Don’t judge a Man, without getting all the facts. Things aren’t always as they appear..”

Montreforte also responded to one person in the comments, stating, “@thepatriotvoice_17 You are probably a good dude, but in this particular case, “sex trafficking “ was used as a catch phrase… sad that something that serious would be used, for her own gains… if these allegations were true, why isn’t she pressing charges? She knows that her texts & everything she is about would be revealed, so she is going for the $$$ , everything she has intended to do, since setting her sights on Mr. McMahon…”

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