WWE Expected Jennifer Pepperman To Join AEW Following Her Departure

(Photo Credit: @mkslash1241)

Jennifer Pepperman, a Senior Writer and Producer at WWE, left the company last week after deciding to walk. She recently signed with All Elite Wrestling.

Pepperman joined WWE in April 2017. Before joining the company, she worked as a producer and director on a number of soap operas, including One Life To Live and As the World Turns. She has won three Emmy Awards and is the longest-tenured female member of the WWE creative team to date.

Pepperman officially joined AEW on Wednesday, where she will serve as Vice President of Content Development alongside Head of Creative Tony Khan.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned that many people in WWE expected her to join AEW and that she has a connection to AEW-bound Mercedes Mone.

Meltzer stated, “Well, when she quit last week, I was actually told by WWE that they expected that she would be an AEW very soon because of her connection with Mercedes, as Mercedes is a personal writer as Brian Gewirtz is for Dwayne Johnson. So she got a job as vice president and creative. She’s going to be part of the creative team. And we’ll see.,” Meltzer stated.

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)