WWE Legend Offers Drake, Kendrick Lamar NXT Platform To Resolve Hip-Hop Beef

If Drake and Kendrick Lamar need a place to settle their rap beef once-and-for-all, Shawn Michaels has the solution.

WWE NXT executive and WWE Hall of Fame legend “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels surfaced on social media on Monday to “formally invite” the aforementioned pair of hip-hop legends the WWE NXT platform to settle their issues.

“A little Sweet Chin Music goes a long way,” Michaels wrote today via X. “Kendrick Lamar, you and Drake are formally invited to WWE NXT to settle this thing.”

Michaels added, “I’m even offering my services to mediate.”

Drake and Kendrick Lamar have been going back and forth on diss records for the past week, with the latter even dropping a “sweet chin music” reference on the song, “Not Like Us.”

WWE NXT airs every Tuesday night at 8/7c on USA Network. The show will move to The CW in 2025.