WWE Main Event Results – January 25, 2024

WWE Main Event Results – January 25, 2024

Chelsea Green vs. Gigi Dolan

Chelsea Green clowns Gigi Dolan to start this match as she makes it know that Dolan doesn’t belong here. Dolan gets a roll up for a two count then lands a chop to the back and kick to the chest. She gets arm control but Green backs her into the ropes.

Dolan maintains control and ties Green up in the ropes then hits a dropkick but misses a 2nd one then Green takes control and lands strikes in the corner.

Dolan gets sent into the middle turnbuckle and Green let the fans know they should get their cameras out. Green gets a bow and arrow and makes sure to pull the hair when needed.

Green hooks a reverse chinlock and lays in some forearm strikes to the chest before Dolan responds by getting a roll up for a two count before they end up kicking each other and both women are down.

Dolan gets rolling with strikes and lands a head kick that sends Green staggering before Dolan with a release German suplex that folded Green in half.

She gets a basement dropkick against the ropes for a two count then Piper Niven gets involved as she helps block Gigi Driver as Green hits The Unprettier for the win.

Winner: Chelsea Green

Brutus Creed vs. Myles Borne

Myles Borne avoids a lock up to start this match then we get a proper lock up before Borne backs Brutus Creed into the corner and pie faces him.

Creed gets a series of slams and tries another takedown but Borne lands an elbow then charges but gets sent down with a shoulder tackle.

He drops Borne with a spinebuster and hitting clubbing blows before Creed heads up top but Borne knocks him off balance then hits a dropkick that knocks Creed to the floor as we go to a break.

After the break Borne still in control as he stomps away in the corner and picks Creed up to stomp some more then a whip to the corner followed by a double stomp to the small of the back for a two count.

Borne hooks a reverse chinlock and works that for a bit before Creed punches his way out and gets a roll up for a two count.

Borne with a jump reverse neckbreaker for a two count then back to the chinlock.

He gets a series of clothesline and then tosses Borne across the ring then a splash in the corner followed by a Torture Rack into a Samoan Drop before a standing moonsault gets a two count.

Creed gets caught with a powerslam out of the corner then tries a suplex but Creed blocks and tries one of his own.

Borne slides out but misses a dropkick then a powerbomb from Creed connects then he heads up top and connects with Brutus Ball for the win.

Winner: Brutus Creed