WWE NXT Results – June 11, 2024

– We see a video package recapping Sunday’s WWE NXT Battleground premium live event.

– We are live from Orlando, FL and the first ever NX Women’s North American champion, Kelani Jordan, makes her way out. Jordan thanks the fans for the rousing ovation, saying the whole thing is surreal for her. She’s won many championships in gymnastics but nothing compares to this. She gives credit to the other five women in the Battleground match but when she climbed the ladder and grabbed the title, it’s a moment she won’t ever forget. Jordan says it’s now up to her to create a history for this title and she will prove day in and day out that no one can do it like Lani. This brings out Jaida Parker.

– Parker says the only thing Sunday proved is that no one can climb a ladder like Lani, who she compares to a squirrel climbing up. She talks of her match against Michin and this brings out the latter who attacks Parker from behind. The two go at it, the bell rings and the match is underway.

Michin vs. Jaida Parker

– Michin corners Parker and lays it on her, going for a quick pin but only gets two. She puts on a headlock but Jaida backs her into a corner but isn’t able to break the hold, which is now a sleeper. Parker rams Michin into the turnbuckle and gets out but after a couple of reversals, Michin nails Jaida with a German Suplex. She tries to follow it up with a Cannonball but Parker moves and turns the tide. Parker lays Michin across the turnbuckle and squashes her with a springboard seated splash as we go to commercial. We come back and Jaida Parker is dominating Michin and apparently has been all through the break. A couple of shoulder blocks get her a two count. Parker works on Michin’s left arm before swinging her into a corner and catching an elbow herself. Michin takes this opportunity to hit a dropkick in the corner but misses a punch. The two trade shots and Michin hits a Tornado DDT for a near fall. Parker then hits a suplex slam and decks Michin all the way outside. This brings out Gallows and Anderson, but Parker tells Anderson to back off and throws Michin back in. Parker then grabs a steel chair from under the ring and tries to hit Michin but Gallows distracts the ref as Anderson holds back the chair and takes it away, allowing Michin to roll up Jaida from behind for the pinfall victory. Winner: Michin.

– After the match, Parker is stunned as Michin leaves with the Good Brothers.

– We see more highlights from NXT Battleground with Gallus attacking Wes Lee in a three-on-one attack.

– We see a pre-recorded interview from yesterday where Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne say that Gallus is up to their old tricks and that Wes Lee is their mate. This sets up a six man tag match for later tonight between the six wrestlers.

– We see footage from earlier today and Cody Rhodes arriving in NXT for tonight’s show.

– Backstage, we see Chase U members arguing amongst themselves. Ridge is trying to keep the peace but Duke and Riley say that he cannot be trusted, questioning what good has actually happened since he’s been here. They continue to argue until Thea shows up and tells them all to sit down and shut the f*ck up. She says that Riley was an outsider and Andre tries to calm her down but Thea reminds him of his gambling issues. She gives them a bit of a pep talk that they are all Chase U and exits, leaving the men shocked.

Gallus (Wolfgang, Mark Coffey, and Joe Coffey) vs. Tyler Bate, Pete Dunn & Wes Lee

– Wolfgang and Tyler in the ring first and Wolfgang with a knee and tags out to Mark who delivers punches and a side head lock take down. Mark gets a near fall and they engage in a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock. Tyler with a head scissors and he walks the turnbuckles and sends Mark to the mat. Pete then tags in and he goes up top and hits a double stomp to the arm. Pete follows up with a forearm and an arm bar and then he drops a knee on the shoulder. He begins working on Mark’s fingers and stomps on the knees. Pete then stomps on the elbow and he poses. He kicks Wolfgang and hits an enzuigiri to Joe. Wes now tags in and they stomp on the hands and connect with round kicks. Quick tag to Bate and he puts Mark in an airplane spin while Wes and Pete take out Joe and Wolfgang. Mark bails to the floor as Gallus tries to regroup. Finally Mark tags out to Wolfgang who works over Tyler before tagging in Joe and they double team a bit. Tyler tries to fight back but Joe counters with a knee and more punches. Joe hits a Vader Bomb elbow drop that gets a near fall. He then tries for a Full Nelson but Tyler blocks it. After some chaos with all six wrestlers, Wes lays out the field outside and it’s just him and Joe in the ring. Wes tries to hit a springboard maneuver but Joe catches him with a devastating clothesline and gets the pinfall victory. Winners: Gallus.

– Backstage, Jaida is with Bronco Nima and Lucien Price. She is stunned that Michin beat her and says if Gallows and Anderson wouldn’t have shown up, she would have won the match. Bronco and Lucien says they need to handle it but Jaida says she had it and that’s why she went out by herself. She has it and she will take out Michin and run her right out of NXT.

– Backstage, Brinley Reece is warming up with Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. Malik tells Brinley to be safe out there and promise him that she will be careful. They wonder about Wendy Choo but Brinley assures them that she appreciates their concern but Wendy is a sweetheart and they are going to go out there and have a fun match. She says she can’t wait and runs off as Enofe and Blade both agree that they have “that feeling.”

– They talk about NXT Battleground some more and we see a feature video on Sol Ruca, her return from injury and preparations as she challenged for the first ever NXT Women’s North American title at Battleground, ultimately coming up short.

Wendy Choo vs. Brinley Reece

– Malik Blade and Edris Enofe are at ringside. Choo attacks Brinley right off the bat, charging at her and taking her down with punches. She attacks Brinley in the corner as Brinley retreats looking shocked. Choo continues to dominate but eventually is slowed but only momentarily. Choo levels Reece with a lethal clothesline and then locks in modified Cobra Clutch body scissor combo and makes Brinley tap out. Winner: Wendy Choo.

– We see a tweet from NXT General Manager Ava Raine who says that due to repeated attacks by Oro Mensah on Ethan Page, she is fining Oro and banning him from the building tonight.

– Backstage, we see Trick Williams walking down the hallway towards the ring.

– We see Byron Saxton interviewing Roxanne Perez, who is scheduled to deliver the State of the Women’s Division address and he wants to know what that may be entail. Perez says at Battleground she was facing one of the dominant women in wrestling but she is still NXT Women’s Champion. Robert Stone then walks in and says Ava wants to know what she will be talking about tonight. Perez said she had to wait to find out who her Battleground opponent was so Ava can wait just like she had to.

Cody Rhodes Promo

– It was nine years ago today that Dusty Rhodes passed away. The Undisputed WWE Champion enters the ring and grabs a mic as the fans chat his name. Rhodes says it’s magical here and he needed to be here to experience the magic as he heads towards Clash at the Castle where he defends his belt against AJ Styles. Rhodes runs down Styles’ accolades but in Scotland, what AJ Styles is going to say is “I Quit.” This brings out Trick Williams. The two acknowledge each other and Trick has the fans applaud Rhodes’ presence. Trick says he feels like he and Cody have had similar journeys. They are both champions but they both had huge mountains to climb and huge chips on their shoulders to get to where they are today. Now that they have gotten their championships, everything feels different now. Now people are attacking them so he asks Cody how he deals with all that. Cody says everyone in the back is judging them, thinking they can wear those belts better than them. But one thing to keep in mind, even though certain mountains have been conquered, there’s always another mountain that you can climb. Cody says Ava has granted him the authority to let Trick know who his next challenger will be. And the next challenger will be decided next week on NXT in a 25-man over-the-top battle royal. You may know some of the competitors but others could be from different locker rooms, hinting that there could be Raw or Smackdown stars in the match. Cody is about to leave but Trick says there’s one more serious thing he needs to ask. With the 4th of July around the corner, on behalf of all his people, they all want to know – are you coming to the cookout? He asks the audience if they want Cody at the cookout as the fans chat “yes, yes”…Cody responds with yes, he will be coming to the cookout. The two champions then embrace and then hold up their belts.

– Backstage, we see the fight that broke out between Je’Von Evans and Shawn Spears last week. The two will face off tonight in the main event.

– Backstage, Sarah Schreiber stops Dante Chen talks about his upcoming Singapore Cane match against Lexis King. Chen says he’s ready and tonight he will leave a lasting imprint by tattooing King’s body with cane shots. He then strikes his cane against some equipment off to the side, saying that his Singaporean spirit will teach Lexis some discipline. And he will end the rivalry on his terms.

– Backstage we see women talking about Kelani Jordan’s title win. Carlee Bright is one of them and the camera pans out and we see Wendy Choo. Carlee tries to introducer herself but Choo stares her down and leaves. Carlee wonders to the other ladies if she said something wrong.

– We see the WWE 2024 NIL class in attendance at ringside.

Dante Chen vs. Lexis King

– As King is coming out, he’s attacked from behind by Chen who whacks him with a kendo stick. He wails him on a bit but misses and Lexis rolls into the ring and the match is underway. They both grab sticks and attack each other. King lays out some sticks in the ring and chops Chen. He then hits a back body drop but falls just shy of the sticks. King then slams Chen onto the sticks and gets a two count. He works the stick on Chen’s throat and hits him a few more times working the cheekbone. Chen then catches King with a punch to slow his momentum but King continues to dominate, whacking him in the back and getting another two count. King chokes out Chen with a cane but Dante fights back and reverses the hold, returning the favor with a choke of his own. King backs Chen into the corner, then flips him over and hits him from behind and gets another two count. King then wails on him with more cane shots before propping a stick in the turnbuckle area but Chen reverses and Irish Whips King into it instead. Chen now in control with shots to the back, stomach and side. Chen then with a kick to the head for a two count. Chen then clotheslines King to the outside. He grabs a cane and comes flying through the ropes with a suicide dive hitting King in the throat. More shots to the back and stomach but King low blows him with his sceptor. Back in the ring, King with the upper hand working over Chen hits the Coronation with a cane to get the victory. Winner: Lexis King.

– Backstage Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx are shown. Cody Rhodes enters and says he has something to give her. He pulls out a Dashing mask from a paper bag and hands it to Jacy.

– We see another Eddy Thorpe vignette. He says he has been reborn and comes from a long lineage of fighters. He is fighting for more than winning matches, he’s fighting for representation not just for his family but for all Indigenous people. He’s back in NXT with a clear mission and his eyes are wide open.

– Backstage, we see Michin, Gallows and Anderson. They say AJ will win the WWE championship and Michin will win the NXT Women’s North American title too.

Eddy Thorpe vs. Tavion Heights

– Before the match, there appears to be a storyline disturbance, presumably with Brooks Jensen, at ringside but cameras don’t show what happened. Thorpe with kicks to the chest and a belly to back suplex for a quick two count. They run around a bit until Tavion hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Tavion with some forearms in the corner. He hoists Thorpe and Eddy tries to fight back but then drops him face first. He follows it with a gutwrench suplex for another two count. Tavion locks in some sort of dragon sleeper but Eddy fights back and uses knees to the chest to escape. Eddy with an uppercut and a German Suplex and an elbow drop. He hits an Impaler DDT and gets a three count. Winner: Eddy Thorpe.

– Backstage, we see Charlie, Myles and Kemp. Charlie says Tavion Heights looked impressive tonight. He asks Myles to go get him and bring him here. Myles is confused so Charlie says there are strength in members, maybe they can use a new member. Kemp doesn’t agree so Charlie points out that he lost to Tony D’Angelo in two straight and failed to win back the Heritage Cup. And now look where they are, so he warns Kemp never to question him.

– Shawn Spears is shown walking in the back. Je’Von Evans is also shown.

– We see more stills from NXT Battleground.

– Backstage, Ava and Robert Stone are shown. Stone says he tried to get some information out of Roxanne Perez but was unsuccessful. He’s apologetic and Ava says she’s being unpredictable. They are interrupted by Stevie Turner who says she overheard Roxanne in the locker room planning to call out Ava tonight for an apology. Ava thanks Stevie and then gets a phone call, saying she needs to take this call alone as Stone and Turner exit.

Shawn Spears vs. Je’Von Evans

– The two immediately go at it, heading straight to the corner and then back in the middle. Spears initially gets control, hitting a Thesz Press and more punches. Shawn attempts a belly to back suplex but Evans lands on his feet and takes Spears down with a head scissors. Evans back Spears into the corner but Shawn clotheslines him on the top rope. Shawn works over Evans’ face with his boots before delivering some chops and choking him out across the middle rope. More chops but Evans fights back up and starts with forearms. Spears reverses and goes for a back body drop but Evans kicks him in the face and lays him out with a drop kick. Spears bails to the floor and Evans flies through the air and hits a kick through the rope. Evans levels Spears with a running kick on the apron, sending him back to the ground. When we come back from commercial, they are back in the ring. Spears with a two count. Spears locks in a single leg Boston Crab and Evans reaches the ropes but Spears takes a long time to break the hold. Spears with more chops but gets hit with a back heel kick and Blue Thunder Bomb. Both men are down. They get up and trade shots but Evans gets the better of the exchange and hits another spinning heel kick. Evans goes to the apron for a springboard move but Spears anticipates it and ends up hitting a super kick and a hanging DDT for a near fall. Spears hoists Evans up for the C4 but Evans counters and rolls up Spears for a two count. He bounces out and to the top rope and hits an RKO as Spears slithers to the outside. Evans with a suicide dive to the outside and Spears runs away. Evans launches himself off the barricade and throws Shawn back into the ring before sending him back out with a clothesline. Evans then slingshots himself off the rope for a cross body but Spears moves and Je’Von collides with the edge of the announce table. Back in the ring, Spears hits the C4 and gets the pinfall victory. Winner: Shawn Spears.

– Backstage we see Tyler Bate and Pete Dunn watching Nathan Frazer and Axiom’s win in Las Vegas on a tablet. The D’Angelo family interrupts and Tony says he was surprised and didn’t think the team had it in them. However, he is flying high after his Heritage Cup win last week and says he could give them a history lesson in it. Bate and Dunne ask if he wants to lecture them about British wrestling. Tony says they will give them a lesson later. Frazer is seen staring down the Cup and Axiom reminds him they are tag team champs. Frazer says he can pull double duty and defend both the tag team titles and the Heritage Cup at the same time.

– Backstage we see Roxanne Perez walking in the back.

– Backstage, Shawn Spears announces his intention of competing in the 25-man battle royal to Cody Rhodes. Ethan Page says he will be there too and so does Lexis King. Cody says it looks like they are all in a good place and he leaves the three of them standing there.

Roxanne Perez’s State of the Women’s Division Address

– The NXT Women’s Champion makes her way down to the ring. Perez says she sits at the top of the greatest women’s division in wrestling. She not only protected the title but proved to everyone that there are levels to this and no one in this world is on hers. Perez says everyone is just finding out what she already knows but there is one woman who needs to come out and thank her for keeping the title in NXT. Ava comes to the top of the ramp and says she had a feeling this would happen. She congratulates Perez but isn’t sure what she wants thanks for as this is just being part of being a great champion. Perez interrupts her that whoever Ava puts in her way as the next chalenger, there is no woman who can take that title away from her. With that, Jacy Jayne shows up with Jazmyn. Jacy says that ever since she won the title, she’s lost her sweet and innocent personality. Long before Perez was in NXT, Jacy says she was here and before her, you couldn’t talk about the NXT Women’s Divsion without bringing up Jacy Jayne. Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson then interrupt and make their way to the ring. Jakara says Lash was just inches from bringing in more gold to Meta Four. As all the women get ready to stare down, Lola Vice’s music hits and she joins all the other ladies in the ring. Lola says she is the only one who is at the level of Roxanne so this conversation should be between them two. Jakara tells her to get to the back of the line so Lola winds up with a roundhouse kick and decks her. Everyone starts fighting until only Perez and Lola are left in the ring.