WWE NXT Results – May 7, 2024

WWE NXT Results – May 7, 2024

Kicking off this week’s NXT with a video package on Wes Lee.

Wes Lee vs. Josh Briggs

Josh Briggs tries a kick to the recently repaired back.

Wes Lee kicks him out to the floor instead but misses the slingshot dive.

The big boot is blocked on the floor so Briggs settles for a ram into the apron instead.

Back in and Lee snaps off a hurricanrana and Briggs is on the floor again where another headscissors connects.

Ivar comes out as Lee connects with Kardak Kick is countered into a backbreaker as we go to a break.

After the break Lee fights out of a bearhug before a hiptoss backbreaker puts Lee down again and a Boss Man Slam gives Briggs two.

They head outside again this time with Lee dropkicking him into Ivar.

Back in the ring Lee hits Spiral Tap for the win.

Winner: Wes Lee

After the match Ivar & Briggs get in a fight so Lee dives onto both of them.

We look back at Lola Vice beating Natalya in NXT Underground.

Tyriek Igwe & Tyson Dupont would love a NXT Tag Team Title shot 1 day but Heritage Cup Champions No Quarter Catch Crew comes up to say wait your turn. They all leave so here is Good Brothers to offer a Too Sweet to NXT Tag Team Champions Axiom/Nathan Frazer. The champs leave instead with Good Brothers not being happy.

Shayna Baszler vs. Karmen Petrovic

Shayna Baszler starts fast and takes her to the floor where she moves the ring skirt and ties Karmen Petrovic’s arm in the ring.

A kick to the arm wrecks said arm and Baszler grabs the armbar back inside.

The big stomp to the arm has Petrovic in even more trouble but she fights back up and goes to the top rope.

The dive is punched out of the air though and the Kirifuda Clutch makes Petrovic tap out.

Winner By Submission: Shayna Baszler

We look back at Fallon Henley turning heel last week.

Kelani Jordan doesn’t get why Fallon Henley did that but here is Henley to say it’s Fallon coming first from now on.

NXT held a combine over the weekend with the top 12 qualifying for qualifying matches for the Ladder match for the Women’s North American Title. They had to do a bunch of exercises and drills with Thea Hail & Kelani Jordan doing well in the speed portion.

Tag Team Match
Heritage Cup Champion No Quarter Catch Crew (Charlie Dempsey & Myles Borne) vs. Tyson Dupont & Tyriek Igwe

Myles Borne beating up Tyriek Igwe in the corner to start.

Tyson Dupont comes in for two off a splash but No Catch Quarter Crew yells at Stacks.

The distraction lets Dupont get a sunset flip for two but Borne grabs an octopus hold.

Everything breaks down and Charlie Dempsey connects with a German suplex for a near fall.

Back up and Dupont hits a right hand for the very fast win.

Winners: Tyson Dupont & Tyriek Igwe

Chelsea Green & Arianna Grace think NXT’s women’s division needs to be saved but Gigi Dolin can’t take them anymore.

Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez isn’t worried about Ava or Chelsea Green because it’s all about her. No one likes Green on Raw so Perez can beat her up tonight.

Michin vs. Arianna Grace

Arianna Grace takes her into the corner to start and drops an elbow for two as Michin is in trouble.

Michin fights back but gets roll up for a two count with Grace getting caught holding the ropes. That lets Michin nail Eat Defeat for the win.

Winner: Michin

Thea Hail & Ridge Holland talk about her problems. Chase U comes in to congratulate her but here is Lexis King to mock Holland. Duke Hudson stands up to King as he isn’t impressed.

It’s time for Supernova Sessions with Trick Williams as the guest hopefully to find out what is in Lash Legend’s envelope. We see a video of Williams’ time since winning the NXT Title but he wants to know what’s in the envelope. The envelope has a photo showing Williams pinning Noam Dar whose foot was under the rope. Williams isn’t impressed and says if Dar wants a NXT Title match all he has to do is ask. Dar is game but Williams asks if Legend wants to tell them or if he should.

Legend: Babe I mean Trick, I mean Trick She goes to leave but Williams stops her with Legend saying it’s not the time or the place. Dar gives Williams a spinning elbow to the face and picks up the NXT Title.

Back to the combine with a look at their power/speed. Michin & Jaida Parker to well.

We get a video that sounds like someone snoring.

Karmen Petrovic feels like she is letting Natalya down. A guy comes in to say Petrovic is still a smoke show and gets kicked in the head.

Kelani Jordan vs. Fallon Henley

Fallon Henley gets sent into the corner to start this match.

A handspring elbow rocks Henley before she blocks a bulldog and stomps away.

Jordan knocks her down and hits a flipping leg drop for two before grinding away with a headlock.

Henley is back up to send her throat first into the ropes as we go to a break.

After the break Henley in control until Jordan grabs a sleeper suplex.

Jordan kicks her down and hits Play Of The Day to stagger Henley.

They fight into the corner where a turnbuckle pad is ripped off.

Jordan is sent into turnbuckle allowing Henley to hit the Shining Wizard for the win.

Winner: Fallon Henley

No Quarter Catch Crew is ready to face Tony D’Angelo for the Heritage Cup next week.

Lash Legend & Wren Sinclair did well in strength at the Combine then Ivy Nile won the conditioning contest.

Ava announces the 12 qualifiers from the Combine: Sol Ruca, Thea Hail, Jaida Parker, Brinley Reece, Michin, Fallon Henley, Lash Legend, Ivy Nile, Izzi Dame, Kelani Jordan, Tatum Paxley & Wren Sinclair

Duke Hudson vs. Lexis King

Duke Hudson goes with the power to start this match but Lexis King trips him down.

Some choking on the ropes wakes Hudson up a bit and he gets two off a sunset flip out of the corner. King goes after the leg and runs him over but stops to yell at Thea Hail.

Ridge Holland to chase King back inside with a chair, which the referee takes away.

That lets King hit a superkick into The Coronation for the win.

Winner: Lexis King

Meta 4 without Lash Legend is leaving and doesn’t want to talk about her. Je Von Evans comes in and wants to check on Trick Williams but is called a shiny new toy.

Jazmyn Nyx is mad at Thea Hail for hurting Jacy Jayne’s nose and swears revenge.

Thea Hail is mad at Lexis King & Ridge Holland comes in to apologize. Chase U isn’t sure if they can go with that but Holland is willing to earn their trust. Chase & Hail believe him.

Shawn Michaels has invited Kendrick Lamar & Drake to come to NXT and settle their differences.

Women’s Title Match
Roxanne Perez (c) vs. Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green starts fast with a roll up for a two count and Roxanne Perez is a bit shaken.

Perez gets in a shot of her own to take over and we go to a break.

After the break Perez getting a two count off a Russian leg sweep but Green kicks her into the ropes.

A Rough Ryder puts Perez down but she’s right back with a super hurricanrana for a two count.

Green gets in a suplex and missile dropkick for two but has to block Pop Rox.

They trade roll ups for two each before Perez hits Pop Rox to get the victory.

Winner & Still Women’s Champion: Roxanne Perez (STILL CHAMPION!!!)

The Family beats up Damon Kemp & Myles Borne and they kidnaps them. They leave and Charlie Dempsey shows up wondering where Kemp & Borne is to close out NXT.

Next Week’s NXT

Heritage Cup Title Match
TBD (c) vs. Tony D’Angelo

Women’s North American Title Qualifying Match
Sol Ruca vs. Izzi Dame

Women’s North American Title Qualifying Match
Ivy Nile vs. Lash Legend

Je Von Evans vs. Noam Dar

Tag Team Match
OTM (Lucien Price & Bronco Nima) vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade