Bobby Lashley And The Street Profits Faction Name Revealed

(Photo Credit: WWE)

The Street Profits and Bobby Lashley’s new faction have been given an official name months after forming. Lashley has been a part of two notable factions during his WWE career.

One is the one he’s currently in, and the other is The Hurt Business, which is officially over after Shelton Benjamin’s release, while Lashley, MVP, and Cedric Alexander remain with WWE.

Lashley and The Street Profits recently began a program with AOP and Killer Kross, as seen on last week’s episode of SmackDown.

The group is now known as The Pride, which was previously reported as the planned name. Lashley confirmed the news in the caption of his Twitter bio, writing:

“#SmackDown’s All-Mighty, and leader of THE PRIDE ✊? | Former WWE Champion. MMA Fighter | Professional Wrestler | Business Professional | Nutrabolics Athlete.”