Booker T On Sting’s Retirement: “He Did It His Way. He Did It On His Own Terms”

Booker T had a lot of positive things to say about his friend Sting on the most recent “Hall of Fame” podcast. Sting will wrestle his final match on Sunday at the AEW Revolution pay-per-view.

Booker T talked about Sting’s statement that he could not have done this run in AEW without Darby Allin.

He said, “Sting is a humble dude. You’re not going to find too many guys that have a lot of bad things to say about Sting. He’s humble as humble can be and I’m sure he’s feeling a certain way about this last run and truly, honestly, I don’t think it could have been done without Darby.

Booker continued, “Darby, literally, was the guy that was going out there doing a lot of the work but still representing Sting at the same time, still putting Sting on a pedestal at the same time, still looking at Sting like he’s the ultimate mentor, like I couldn’t have found a better place to land in this business than to be Sting’s right-hand man. Can you imagine that as a young kid watching Sting do his thing for so many years and then the next thing you know, you’re tag-teaming with him? I get that 100% so big ups to Sting. He’s getting ready to call it a day and ride off into the sunset. One thing about it is he did it his way. He did it on his own terms. He didn’t let anybody tell him he couldn’t do it when so many people told him he couldn’t. So, big props to Sting. Big props.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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