Booker T Talks About Cash Wheeler’s Arrest For Aggravated Assault With A Gun

(Photo Credit: WWE)

What does Booker T think of the Cash Wheeler news that broke on Friday?

The two-time WWE Hall of Fame legend spoke on his “Hall Of Fame with Booker T” podcast about the arrest of the AEW star best known as one-half of the World Tag-Team Champion FTR duo for aggravated assault with a weapon.

Featured below are some of the highlights where he touches on this topic with his thoughts.

On Cash Wheeler’s arrest: “So we got to talk about this cash Wheeler situation. I was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm. That’s a serious charge, bro. That isn’t that. I mean, and I’m going to tell you right now, I’m looking at the headlines all over the headlines. All the stories right now…..Hey, man, my thing is this. I don’t know what the situation was. I was reading. I was reading. I didn’t find out what the actual story was. Yeah. Ron DeSantis….he doesn’t mind. Everybody can carry a gun. No, seriously. I mean, just like here. I mean. I mean seriously. I mean, just like here. I mean, where you can carry it well. And these are the situations that come from it. Just imagine if somebody. Somebody gets shot and gets killed. You know what I mean? Over a road rage situation. That’s why when I’m driving, man, I’m never in a hurry. I get out of their way if someone wants to speed around me. I let them go. But some of these drivers, they. They want to be in the fast lane, and you come upon them, and they stay there and know you’re behind them. They know you’re behind them, but they want to play games, you know, instead of just getting over being not being kind and courteous because that is the fast lane. But people want to play games, and then stuff like that happens. But if you are high strung, you could find yourself in a situation and prison for the rest of your life or death.”

On the power a gun gives you: “Well, I can tell you right now, I never got in a road rage incident where I had to get out of my car and pull out a gun on anybody in 30 years. Yeah, that just never happened. You know, just because I’m not high-strung there again, and I don’t have a gun in my car where I want it. It bowls me and gives me that power to where I want to get out of my car. That’s the problem. You know, people can say whatever they want to say, but that’s the problem. That gun in the car gives you a whole lot of power. You know what I mean? It makes you feel like you can, you know, get out of your car and do something. And that’s why he’s charged. That’s why he’s, whatever happened, the incident defused itself. And if he brandished it, he got a problem. And I will tell you right now if he’s branched it and somebody’s got it on tape. Like most people do these days, he’s got a problem. So they’re, again, having that power, man. I’ve never been a good guy or anything like that. I mean, of course, I have home protection just for somebody. Think they can just run up here? Yeah. You are going to get shot. But, I’m not the type to go out and, you know, carry it in my car, you know, pull it on someone. If I get into a confrontation with them, if I get into a confrontation with somebody, you know, hopefully, he’s a man, and I’m a man. If he didn’t pull out a gun, I’m not going to pull out one, you know, if I do get one. Wheeler has found himself in a little situation. Cash Wheeler being from the organization, found himself in a little situation, and hopefully, he’ll find his way out of it.”

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