Booker T’s Hall Of Fame Radio Show Moves To New Prime Time Slot On ESPN 97.5 And 92.5

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Houston, TX – January 5th, 2024

The Hall of Fame Radio Show Moves to New Prime Time Slot on ESPN 97.5 and 92.5

The Hall of Fame and ESPN 97.5/92.5 FM are excited to announce a new time slot for the popular show, “The Hall of Fame,” hosted by the legendary Booker T and co-host Brad Gilmore. Starting 1/5/2024 the show will air from 8 PM to 9 PM CST, Tuesday through Friday. The new time slot will allow more fans to tune in and engage with the insightful and entertaining discussions that Booker T and Brad Gilmore bring to the table.

Booker T, a WWE Hall of Famer and the show’s charismatic host, shared his enthusiasm about the move: “This new time slot is a game-changer for us. It’s prime time, baby! We’re ready to bring our A-game and make ‘The Hall of Fame’ the go-to show for sports fans in Houston and beyond.”

Brad Gilmore, the show’s co-host, also expressed excitement about the shift: “Moving to 8 PM is a fantastic opportunity. It’s a time when our listeners are winding down their day and looking for engaging content. We’re here to deliver that with the style and energy that only ‘The Hall of Fame’ can.”

From ESPN Houston’s General Manager Todd Farquharson, “We’re thrilled to have “The Hall of Fame” show take a more prominent role in our weekday evening lineup. Booker and Brad have been with us for over 5 years and continue to bring outstanding entertainment to the station’s listeners.”

Don’t miss the dynamic duo of Booker T and Brad Gilmore as they dive into the world of sports, wrestling, and entertainment in this new prime time slot. Tune in to ESPN 97.5 and 92.5, Tuesday through Friday, from 8 PM to 9 PM CST, and be a part of the Hall of Fame experience.

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