Bruce Prichard On Why WWE’s ECW Brand Wasn’t Destined For Success

WWE Senior Vice President Bruce Prichard recently took to an episode of his “Something To Wrestle With” podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including why their ECW brand wasn’t destined for success.

Prichard said, “I still am of the opinion that if there were that many people that cared about ECW — and yes, people that cared were very vocal and very loud — then it would have still been in business. There just weren’t enough people who cared about that old brand. And you’re reviving — Paul Heyman said it himself. ‘You’re trying to revive a dead brand.’ And you’re trying to resuscitate this dead brand that nobody cares about. I believe, especially in hindsight, that focusing on Raw and Smackdown only — it’s like the presidential election. You have two candidates. You have a choice, versus you throw in an independent in the middle of that? It makes everything smaller. I just don’t think the ECW brand was destined for success.”

On how those in WWE looked at CM Punk in 2008:

“I think Punk’s perception backstage during this time was — look, there was still a lot of skepticism about Punk. He had his detractors, and he had his fans. I think that there was also still a lot of confusion as to who exactly CM Punk was. And you know, you’re in a very stereotypical environment in which you’re surrounded by a group that, it’s the alpha males that like to go out at the end of the night and have a few beers and, ‘By God, this is the way you do it.’ And somebody comes in this different, man they’re different, so they don’t fit in.”

“And Punk was different, but there’s something about Punk. There’s always been something about Punk. And if you got his story and understood why he’s straightedge. You understood why he acted the way he did, why he had the tattoos he had, who he was and how he felt. Then you go. ‘Okay. I may not get this guy, but I have a much better understanding as to who he is.’ So I think there was a lot of confusion backstage, and I think that the camps will probably split 50-50.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.

(H/T to for transcribing the above quotes)