Cash Wheeler Being Pursued For Criminal Charges Following Last Summer’s Arrest

AEW star Cash Wheeler was arrested back in the summer of 2023 for aggravated assault with a firearm, an incident that took place prior to the All In London 2023 PPV. Wheeler put in a plea of not guilty and was given the go ahead to work the All In London PPV.

An update was recently provided on the incident. reports that prosecutors in Orange County, which is where the incident took place, have plans to pursue Wheeler for criminal charges and a hearing was even set for Tuesday, February 20th.

You can check out the full incident report below:

“On July 27, 2023, at 0959 I, Officer M. Bowhay #19932, responded to [REDACTED] in reference to an aggravated assault with a firearm call. Upon my arrival I spoke to the victim, [REDACTED], who provided me with a sworn written/verbal statement that said the following: [Victim] stated he was driving west on Interstate 4 north of Exit 83. He noticed a Jeep Gladiator weaving in and out of traffic honking its horn, so he moved over to the far-right lane to let the Jeep pass. [Victim] said the Jeep took the right shoulder to drive around him on the passenger side of his vehicle. [Victim] looked over and noticed a white male with a beard pointing a black semi-automatic handgun out of the driver’s window at him with a strong stare. [Victim] said he feared for his life at this time. [Victim] stated he slowed down to get out of the way of the firearm and ended up behind the suspect vehicle at this time.”

“At this time both were committed to exit 83 (Ivanhoe Blvd). [Victim] took pictures of the Jeep as it turned right onto College Park Drive and began to drive reckless. [Victim] said the Jeep beared Florida tag [REDACTED]. After taking the picture, [Victim] said he called 911 and gave the vehicle information to dispatch the details of what occurred. He explained he could not be late for work and asked an officer to meet him at his work [REDACTED].”

“I created a photo line-up using ELVIS (a database used by law enforcement for investigative purposes). Elvis selected five random photos based on the suspect’s Florida driver’s license picture Page 1 of 2 and put them in a randomized order with the suspect being the sixth picture. Officer Blinn #34211 met with [Victim] and presented him with the photo lineup instructions and the photo lineup. [Victim] quickly selected the correct picture, photo #2, of the suspect, later identified as, Daniel M. Wheeler, W/M D.O.B 5/17/1987 with 100% certainty. (See Officer Blinn’s supplement for more details.) Based on [Victim] sworn statement and the positive photo lineup identification, probable cause exist to charge Wheeler with, aggravated assault with a firearm violation of F.S.S. 784.021(1)(A)-1.”